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DarkOcelet1090d ago

Resident Evil Outbreak File 1 and File 2 are the best Spinoffs in the series followed by Revelations 1 in my opinion.

Hurry up Capcom and Remaster Outbreak File 1 and File 2 already!

And make Outbreak File 3 on your way too :)

Milkandcookies1090d ago

Outbreak gave us something special with a pioneer online survival horror game. Underrated games for sure

Chexs19901090d ago

The outbreak games were awesome, sure, but do anyone remember Resident Evil Dead Aim? Now that one had me creeped out, partly because of the really tight corridors and the whole ship's atmosphere :D
My number one spin-off right there, here's to hoping it Pops up on PSN ;)

Milkandcookies1090d ago

Would be awesome to see that and a few others on this list get the HD remaster treatment.

PixelGateUk1089d ago

Resi outbreak never got online support in the EU, was such a shame :(

DirtyPete1089d ago

I would die for a RE Outbreak remastered haha

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