Five PlayStation games to regret missing

IM PLAYIN's Alecs Pillik discusses five of the PlayStation games that he regrets missing.

"I’ve been an Xbox gamer for over 9 years now. I know this is a fact, as my Xbox gamer profile reliably informs me that I’ve been a Gold member for that long. In that time, I haven’t owned a single PlayStation. Not even a PSP. I’ve played some amazing Xbox only titles, like Gears of War, Crackdown and Halo. But I’ve also missed some incredible PlayStation games, that I always regret not getting to play. So, as an Xbox gamer that’s missed his fair share of PlayStation goodies, here’s my top 5 PlayStation games that I wish I never missed."

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itsjustexuma1523d ago

I'm still waiting for the Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls PS4 bundle

madmonkey011523d ago

i have mine pre-ordered on amazon.

G20WLY1523d ago

Because it doesn't come out until March. Oh wait, were you trolling? :/

parentoftheyear1523d ago

Im looking forward to these sooo much. I missed both games and have put of b2s digital so i can get the bundle. Very excited.

Summons751523d ago

I agree with all except God of War but that just wasn't my cup of tea...too clunky and slow when Devil May Cry came out before it and defined the genre. GOW is not a bad game but it's also not really worth regretting either. Ico/Shadow of the Colossus should be on that list or Catherine.

mgszelda11523d ago

I used to be a huge devil may cry fan. Then GoW II cemented my love of GoW fully. Devil may cry 1 and 3 were fantastic though. Now I wanna play them all but no time with Fallout 4

audiocafe1523d ago

Noticed you left DMC 2 off lol. Was it that terrible for you as well? I feel like I'm the only person on the world that actually enjoyed that one as well. The last boss was terrible and lazy though, and is memorable to me for the wrong reasons lol

mgszelda11523d ago

I left off 2 because I strongly disliked it. 4 was ok. I actually really enjoyed dmc so I know the feeling

IamTylerDurden11522d ago

GoW isn't clunky or slow, it's a different game. The combat in GoW is quite refined. Tbh, DmC on PS3 felt a bit stiff, especially with the framerate.

Shazz1523d ago

I loved heavy rain that much I'm.actually excited to grab it again on ps4

Ruggadagod1523d ago

I'm not sure how someone never owned a PS2.

phoenixwing1523d ago

I got a dreamcast instead. Worth it. So many amazing games on that thing.

Ruggadagod1523d ago

Didn't seem worth it since it died in 2 years.

Wallstreet371523d ago

I personally loved Heavy Rain and played it through to its entirety. My girl then played it years later and got hooked as well, however she got a really bad ending 😂

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