Back in My Day: Seven outdated video game holdovers

A look back at seven things that once made sense in gaming, but no longer do.

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KosherNostra1532d ago

Started strong, but the list devolved quickly. "Console Wars" took up two of the seven!

Tross1532d ago

Agreed, and no, casual games do not belong in any serious gaming conversation, at all. I wonder what the author of this article is smoking because I want some, and I don't smoke. If more people play games on their iPad than on consoles that just proves there are more casual gamers than gamers with actual credibility.

OriginalPSP1531d ago

I don't smoke... and I feel anyone who enjoys a video game is a "gamer with actual credibility"

I could throw out a ton of arbitrary qualifications, too, having gamed for 35 years... but I don't care, as long as people are enjoying video games, I'm happy.