It looks as if Michael Jackson Did write Sonic 3's score

The age-old conspiracy that late pop king Michael Jackson wrote the score for Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is true, according to a new report.

Jackson had a relationship with Sega, which made its Moonwalker game. He also starred in Space Channel 5 and its sequel. It has long been claimed that Jackson had some sort of involvement with Sonic 3, with internet sleuths frequently referencing the similarities between some of its tracks and Jackson’s chart hits.

Now a new report from Huffington Post claims that Michael Jackson was in fact the composer of the game’s score. It also reaffirms previous claims that he name was removed from the credits as he was unhappy with how the final product sounded once the music had been compressed.

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-Foxtrot1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

"all of which were recorded to the same quality as any of the singer’s normal releases before being simplified and toned down so as to fit the tone – and the cartridge"

Wait so there's normal, uncompressed, high quality tracks of the Sonic 3 songs.

Damn...things which will never come to light. I like the retro feel of the songs we have but it would be nice to hear what they sounded like originally

Septic1527d ago

'Gotchya nose'

Watched the MJ movie recently. The amount of cocaine the directors must have done to make that...the inclusion of Sonic would have made it normal.

1527d ago Replies(1)
3-4-51527d ago

He didn't make all the songs, but a few of them.

Best of the songs he did IMO =

chrisx1527d ago

The King of Pop lives on forever

franwex1527d ago

I'm not sure why all the secrecy from Sega regarding this. It's been over 20 years!

optimus1527d ago

Because they can still be sued for copyright infringement by Michael's doesn't matter how old the job is/was... Hell, just recently pharell and robin thick were sued and lost to marvin gay's children for their hit song Blurred Lines...they had to cough up like 3 mil...which is chump change for pharell but still....

And seeing as how sonic 3 was somewhat of a hit and they admit to collaborating with michael so they stand to lose even more if taken to court.

SliceOfTruth8881527d ago

this has been pretty "official" for a while now

stalepie1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Sonic 3 was developed in a secret facility in Silicon Valley? I thought it was Japan.

The MJ "conspiracy theory" never seemed that wild to me. He had already worked with Sega on two games, had Sega arcade games in his private collection, and Dreams Come True, a Japanese pop group, did the music for the first game.

The Huffington Post article that this MCVUK article links to is much more in depth about the story.

It's kind of surprising they didn't want to do a CD version (Sega CD) which wouldn't have had the compression problems.

There's a nice mashup of Sonic 3's ending song and Stranger in Moscow by DJ Yuzoboy from a few years back:

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