Games on Discs Still Doing Not Bad

Games on Discs Still Perform Better than Other High Street Entertainment Products says a report on the state of the high street entertainment market carried by Kantar.

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Austin481529d ago

Why yeah most people would prefer it to be in there collection or to resale after they are done with it but for me I like to walk in my room and see all my gaming collection physical release will never die but if somehow it does well I'm done gaming.

FallenAngel19841529d ago

Games on physical media is never going to disappear in this industry

WholesGame1529d ago

Hopefully yes it's true, but look at what happened to music CDs and movie DVDs. :-)

bmky1529d ago

Well not many people are in the market to buy second hand CD's and DVD's, you can share that easily. The value proposition in second hand games is higher.