Mighty No. 9 is Delayed Again - The Rant is GO

There are lessons to be learned from Mighty No. 9's latest delay aside from Inafune is screwing us.

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FallenAngel19841524d ago

They could've just released the single player portion next month then patch in the multiplayer at a later date

optimus1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

gamers are a fickle crowd. they would have complained "why release it now if it wasn't ready?"...or," i don't care for single player, i want my multiplayer!"...

I mean just look at the reception starwars battlefront got. and the yearly criticism call of duty gets for their single player doesn't matter the genre; if they release the multiplayer as a patch and people don't like it then you start hearing "why didn't they just concentrate on single player?"...

if they felt a delay is needed to deliver a good product then so be it.

Kyoshi1523d ago

"Gamers are a fickle crowd"

Except in this instance gamers are the ones who funded this game, a game that is mostly gonna be focused on single player and the game that they backed is being delayed AGAIN for a feature that most of them probably never asked for AFTER the developer said that the game would have no further delays.

Yeah, fickle crowd.

Bimkoblerutso1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

I think the issue here is the misappropriation of funds.

It never had to hit directly on a set date, but when you start seeing that some of this backer money is obviously going toward stuff that no one really thought they were paying for (like a crappy anime, toys, multiplayer and action movie), it starts to get really frustrating when it keeps getting pushed back.

OhMyGandhi1523d ago

gamers are not a fickle crowd. The only reason why this is even brought up is because Comcept truly believes that their netcode/matchmaking is really the problem. I find it damned hard to believe that networking issues could delay a game as long as it has, especially once it comes to a damned 2.45D platformer. Jesus Christ.
It your Bungie, focusing on proper hit detection and ensuring big team battle runs smooth as butter for as many people as possible, then I get it. If it's a fighting game, and you want to make sure that there is the faintest hint of lag, or yet again, wish to perfect netcode because the genre demands it, then it makes sense.

People were annoyed with Battlefront's lack of single player because of the game's ginormous budget, and now even more so by the lack of content.

People really don't complain too much about Call of Duty's single player because they know exactly what to expect. Action packed, cinematic awesomeness that is damned fun, no matter how jaded the appears to be.

Optimus, this is the THIRD delay for the game. I don't want to imply that a game of this genre, with these kinds of visuals is "easy" to make, but we are not dealing with an industry newbie here. This is f*cking keiji inafune we are talking about here. He is deeply rooted within game industry, and is responsible for some of my favorite games, but I find the plethora of delays really troubling.

He should know better. I hope the game is good, and while so many others are laughing, and pointing fingers, I'm one of the few that actually wants to see success for a developer I usually respect.
That being said, My expectations are plummeting.

roboshort1523d ago

I'm not sure if gamers are all that fickle, but a lot of them sure like to complain if things don't go their way. The people that funded this game have a right to complain. I can't understand why people that didn't fund it would get riled up about it, though.

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I_am_Batman1523d ago

Patching a game costs money. That's usually not a problem for AAA games because it's an insignificant percentage of the overall cost of the game but for smaller games that can be a factor.

porkChop1523d ago

Delays cost money too. Every time a game is delayed, the potential sales for the game drop. This is especially true for indie games. Mighty No. 9 has seen numerous delays.

I_am_Batman1523d ago

@porkChop: Agreed. I for one don't need multiplayer in that game at all. But in the end the devs decide what the game is going to need and how they handle delays/patches. I'm sure they've come to the conclusion that the best way to handle the issue is another delay.

N4GDgAPc1523d ago

I didn't watch the video but reading the description of the clip I have no idea how Inafune is screwing us over with a delay

MSBAUSTX1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Terrible idea. Ilets say they did that, released a physical copy of the game that is missing the single player, and years later someone buys a used it For a console that is now old, how would that person get the single player version if the servers aren't active anymore.

I don't think some of you people are planning for the future at all. This digital craze and patching of games is the worst thing to ever happen. Imagine what it will be like twenty years from now and you want to go back and play one of you old XB1 or PS4 games but you never downloaded the patches for it. It will be a broken hot mess.

We have become so dependent on companies fixing their crap releases after they release rather than fixing them before they release that in the future we won't be able to go back and play these games again. The days of plugging your good old retro system in and playing a game completely as it was supposed to be will be over and we will have wasted millions of dollars as a community.

It sucks but basically every new system that comes out that is dependent on digital patches and upgrades will be a useless console in the future when those patches are not available to people who buy them after the servers that provide the fixes are down.

cartoonx11523d ago

dont think any one saying "release multiplayer for now", releasing single player and later patch for multiplayer would be best choice as GTA V did.

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FlexLuger1523d ago

I feel like this game has missed its window of opportunity to be a big hit...I dunno...Still hoping it will be good. Ill buy it, but I feel like for most, it will have lost some its luster.

Lenrulesdaworld1523d ago

Probably working on Recore and but mighty no. 9 on delay for that ms money to invest more into mn9. lmao jk, aye i need some outro beats, you know anyone who makes beats flex.

FlexLuger1523d ago


"Probably working on Recore and but mighty no. 9 on delay for that ms money to invest more into mn9"

Shit! thats what I would be doing! lol...I remember free radical doing something similar between haze, their battlefront game, and trying to fund a new timesplitters...but this game is a 2D platformer so there is no way inafune would end up eating his budget like expensive can his 2D platformer be? Im still looking out for this game though.

"you know anyone who makes beats flex."

Yeah, actually! inbox me with your requirements! ;)


"On another note what is going on with the other kickstarter game from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night!?"

Prolly getting ready to steal Mighty 9's thunder! that game looks solid. gives me that castlevania vibe. Hope it turns out to be a great game. Love my 2D platformers with proper 2D sprites.

gangsta_red1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

The last screenshots they showed looked less than impressive. This game has fell off the radar.

On another note what is going on with the other kickstarter game, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night!?

DarXyde1523d ago

Seriously, Inafune? Whatever you're doing for Recore, that can wait.

You have consumer backers, not a corporation on Mighty No. 9. Consumer backers who own many platforms that this game is supposed to release on. Consumer backers who have probably been waiting for a very long time to get their hands on a new "Megaman" game.

Get it together, man. :/

Trilithon1523d ago

So close to release to be announcing another delay. what a tease!

wonderfulmonkeyman1523d ago

I only have one thing to say about this...

After so many delays, it had better release in an absolutely FLAWLESS state.

No stuttering or slow-down, no game-breaking glitches, NOTHING.
If it has even ONE super big issue in it after all the times they've delayed it for the sake of quality control and features, it's going to be ripped apart.

UncleWilly1523d ago

I'd say that the frustration is so high, a much smaller issue will be amplified and lead to massive backlash. Considering this game will be releasing on 10 consoles AND they're manually hard-coding the online component, it's almost a lock that that some small issue will pop up. Lord help them if there's another delay because of that!

wonderfulmonkeyman1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

A sad truth, that, but a truth nonetheless, even if it's as stupid as the day is long to over-exaggerate the tiniest of flaws.

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