No DLC for Rare Replay

No more games will be added to the Rare Replay collection, the studio has said.

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FallenAngel19841530d ago

Besides Conker: Live & Reloaded along with all the other Rare games on the GBA(besides the DKC remakes), there's not much else that I could think of that need to be included in Rare Replay

BecauseImBatman1530d ago

Besides Donkey Kong Country 1,2 and 3... I'd love to have seen Double Dragon added and as you said Conker: Live and Reloaded. They would have been great additions.

MS should reboot Conker and Battletoads like they did with Killer Instinct, there's tons of great IP's in Rare's library and they should take advantage of that. They've recently trademarked Jet Force Gemini, hope it's a sign of more to come.

DanteVFenris6661530d ago

Donkey Kong is owned by Nintendo.

MachuchalBrotha3161530d ago

How do you add games that Xbox doesnt own. And how do you get Double Dragon. Thats not even a Rare IP.

BecauseImBatman1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I know Donkey Kong Country is owned by Nintendo, it's just a Rare game I'd love to see in their compilation collection. One of their best.

I was talking about the cross over between Double Dragon and Battletoads... Battletoads And Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team

esmittystud1011530d ago

Were they even suppossed to add games to that title? I never heard if they were going to. That game had a good bit of titles but only a few that cought my eye. There just wasn't enough titles I wanted on it for me to purchase. So......on my Wii U I got to purchase Donkey Kong Country 1,2,3 for $7.99 a piece, digital of course, which is totally worth it to me. I also got Super Mario 64 for around the same price and the same with Super Punch Out. I'm getting to relive my childhood favorites on N64 and Super NES with my now four year old son, which he loves them especailly Super Mario 64. That game is still beast to this day. Great game.

I forgot at times how hard Donkey Kong Country can be at times. It only lets you save your progression once at the end of every different section of the map. Which at times is hard. I mean.......I play platformers today and there not so bad. But Donkey Kong Country is by far a bigger challenge to me atleast on level of difficulty. I'm stuck on the third section of the map and can't get past. LOL.

yankolo1530d ago

Add all the battletoads games...including battletoads&double dragon...

gangsta_red1530d ago

Yes, I would love to see that happen.

Also a new Battletoads games with secret characters being the Double Dragon Neon.

GearSkiN1529d ago

Why not add conker remake from og xbox.

DarkBlood1529d ago

nobody knows who owns the license to doubledragon do we? we could of gotten battletoads doubledragon on that badboy of a collection