Capcom, Please Do Not Screw Up Resident Evil 2 Remake

ThisGenGaming says "Resident Evil 2 was one of the greatest games of its generation, and for many it’s the best game in the Resident Evil series. After the original Resident Evil was given the remake treatment in 2002, many was waiting in anticipation for Resident Evil 2 to get the same treatment, but discussions of the remake were always shot down by Capcom. It looked like Resident Evil 2 would never be remade. That was until there was a spike in popularity in classic Resident Evil games, Resident Evil HD on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 sold well over expectations and broke certain sales records."

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DarkOcelet1526d ago

This is one game Capcom CANT screw up.

I believe Capcom can make one hell of a Resident Evil game again. They just need to stop catering to the Call Of Duty crowd and start focusing on their old school fanbase.

mikeslemonade1526d ago

I'd probably get mad if they did a "FFVII remake" on this. If they made RE2 3rd person over the shoulder, I'd boycott I will not pay money for any future Capcom game.

It's classic camera or bust for me.

DarkOcelet1526d ago

Um, FFVII Remake looks pretty damn good in my opinion.

Its the 'Episodic Parts' that just doesn't sit well with me.

-Foxtrot1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Pretty much

All they have to do is do what they did with the Resident Evil Remake

Keep it roughly the same in terms of style but add more to the backstory and add extra rooms/locations.

Also add some Resident Evil 3 moments in the background which show us how the two games link in to each other a bit. Maybe like hearing Jill and Carlos in the background.

If they turn it into something like RE6 with all the melee attacks and jumping/rolling around the no buy

mikeslemonade1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Well if they wanna change it up then they should make the next iteration instead of screwing around with the oldschool RE fans. They're just trying to milk us by hoping that we are happy with the final result and then also trying to rake in the new-age RE fans.

Well sorry, I'm not gonna fall for your lame attempt to try to milk.

TimelessDbz1526d ago

I like the roll and melee more then then the gun gameplay. Also like the QTE button action makes it more epic.

Rhezin1526d ago Show
mikeslemonade1526d ago

Well RE4 is good. Just that we're giving capcom too much credit if we trust them to make another good third person shooter. Just stick to the old forumla and update the graphics.

TimelessDbz1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

@Rhezin reported and you really should not force your own opinion on someone else. I disagree with what you're looking for in the series but you don't see me telling you to shut up.

I encourage you to voice your opinion but at least be civil about others opinion .

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Bimkoblerutso1526d ago

Oh, they can DEFINITELY screw it up. The problem is that gamers will still buy it regardless.

This is currently an industry in which "screwing up" often translates to a greater profit for pubs.

Apocalypse Shadow1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

I second that notion that they can't screw this up. The problem they have on the last sequels is capturing that sense of despair. That smell of death. The look of death. The apocalypse.

This is morbid and despair. The feeling of being out numbered and out gunned.emptiness.

Even dead nation, an overhead shooter, somehow captured the essence of RE2.

It's too bad the division is not a horror game. It definitely has that apocalypse look to it

Less action, more survival, morbid with the sound to back it up. RE2 was the best. And two discs gave you more gameplay. It was awesome.I remember playing with my brother over the phone and both of us getting to the ending almost at the same time by minutes. That was so cool swapping end saves.

It's also too bad Rock Star never made a zombie mode for GTA. And not the hacks on PC. So much potential there.

Come on Capcom. Don't let us down.

Feriku1526d ago

I hope it plays like REmake.

FoxyGotGame1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Futile Concern Articles....Resi 2 Remake'll be fine /


C'mon you know what I meant...obviously it's not a PS1 direct port, hence why I stated 'Visual Upgrade'?

Semantics /

Tankbusta401526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

You need to check your sources, it's being made from the ground up. They couldn't graphically enhance a ps1 game. The reasons they did One and 0 with graphical enhancements is because those versions were released on GameCube.

They can certainly screw this up if they aren't careful

Edit:he posted the same thing twice then changed this post... I was replying to his double post you can find it below

FoxyGotGame1526d ago

These remakes are mostly visual upgrades with no change to the game mechanic/gameplay...

Not sure how they can mess up Resident Evil 2 Remake? ...Not as if it will receive a graphical downgrade being a PS1 game /

DarkOcelet1526d ago

I highly doubt they will keep the Tank controls in this game.

They will most likely go with RE4 Camera style.

FoxyGotGame1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

"I Highly Doubt"

Well I'm basing my comment on Resident Evil & Resident Evil Zero Remake on PS4/X1. They have both retained Tank Controls.

What exactly are you basing your comment on? Wishful thinking, speculation? Hmmm...

DarkOcelet1526d ago

They retained Tank Controls because they are simply just a Remasters.

This is a Remake build from scratch. If you think it will not be modernized then you will be disappointed.

Believe me, i want tank controls as much as you but i don't think it will happen.

FoxyGotGame1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

I'm not fussy regarding the old controls or modernized, I was merely making a point that Capcom already have a great blueprint to work from..but unfortunately we have users like TankBuster ready to pounce on any comment to call someone out...

No Harm Done... he's ignored now. Nice communicating with you )

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