10 Most Difficult Gaming Moments Of 2015

Let's reminisce about the toughest, most infuriating times of the past 12 months.

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UltraNova995d ago

For me the most difficult part of 2015 was going through DS2's 3rd DLC, Frigid Outskirts area, with half health bar, no effigies, no coop...and after god knows how many tries later you get to those cat bosses...


esmittystud101993d ago

The hardest part for me was not missing anything dialog/NPC wise in Bloodborne. That game, you make a decision you stick with it ain't no joke. The autosave system was brutal, which I love by the way. More games should make you work like that and not the easy reload your old save to dig you out way. No map, No GPS, No objective list. Yeah, From Software is in a league of there own at the moment. Which we need more of in the industry.

prdodd992d ago

Great list. I was surprised they chose Ebreitas instead of Ludwig. I had a much more difficult time with him.