The Top 5 Voice Actors in Gaming

Voice acting is an essential part of the video game universe and some prominent figures have emerged from the thousands that lend their voices to games.

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fsdgf1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

A voice acting article without mention of Legacy of Kain? No other game has come close to the quality of acting in that series

Kallisti1534d ago

Who here remembers the Nolan North voice option in Saints Row IV?

DragonDDark1534d ago

Nolan north and troy baker. 5 times.

yeahright21534d ago

BS list here's how it should go:
1: peter Dinklage
2: Keifer Sunderland
3: Kevin Spacey
4: Mark Hamill
5: Keith David

Seriously: Nice list. Though I'd more put Steven Blum on an anime list. (He'll forever be Spike Spiegel to me). That and I'd put Troy above Nolan just because I feel Troy has more range. Hell, probably put Jennifer above him as well. She's the main reason I played as femshep.