World War Toons Developer: "My daughter tries our PSX demo"

World War Toons developer James Chung has given the chance to his daughter to try Playstation VR in her house.

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SniperControl1524d ago

To all those people who think you have to wave your arms about to enjoy VR, great vid, game looks good as well.

Rimeskeem1523d ago

Lol, all the demos I saw involved very minimal arm movement. It's more leg workout if you have to stand up and duck tbh.

bouzebbal1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

All kinds of stiff neck action after this.. all kindzz
good video.

thrust1523d ago

Looks like it has lag issues

3-4-51523d ago

I like sitting in a comfortable spot and not having to move while I play.

Moving around is distracting and takes me out of the experience of being in the game.

I'm glad all this VR is being made, but as it is right now, I'm not interested in it.

I hope it does succeed though because VR 10+ years from now could be absolutely amazing, if they get these first few steps right now.

ArchangelMike1524d ago

Hmm.. I wonder if PSVR will come with an age rating? Probably won't be recommended for young children, due to issues with nausea, geadaches etc.

In any case, fromt hat vid it seemed that the 'look sensitiviy' still needs some calibration. The girl would look in a wide obtuse angle, but the game world seemed to only move through a smaller angle.

If the PSVR headset is feature complete, then I guess Sony might really launch it this summer. They might just be waiting on more ganes for the lauch line up. I can't wait.

Rimeskeem1523d ago

I have a feeling PSVR will be safe for all ages with of course a caution warning stating all the basics warning labels.

skydragoonityx1523d ago

impressive... most impressive

bunt-custardly1523d ago

@33 dat cat no interested in VR.

Germany71523d ago

Great video, the game looks really cool too.

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