Outlast Retrospective Review

Danielle Campbell at GameCloud writes: "Outlast is a terrifying, albeit, enjoyable experience, and successfully reeled me into the horror genre. It left me wanting more, and I may play it again in the future. It had the perfect atmosphere, forcing me to check behind every corner before hesitantly crawling forward. While I feel the game may have overstayed its welcome, it certainly ended well, and with the sequel planned to be released in time for Halloween, I am excited to see what the creators at Red Barrels Games have in store for us as I eagerly await the opportunity to uncover more of the disturbing terrors that is Outlast."

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Clown_Syndr0me1535d ago

This is my favourite game, ever. Loved the DLC too!

lipton1011535d ago

Might not be my favorite ever, but extraordinarily well done. Like a baby, I just finished this and the DLC almost 2 years after downloading it originally. Waiting for Outlast 2 this year. But gotta finish SOMA and Among the Slerp first!