Top V Worst Resident Evil Games

What are the worst Resident Evil games?

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poison_shadow1594d ago

I can't really agree with RE5 being there. I loved its crazy story and the Wesker/Chris dynamic. Plus, the Lost In Nightmares DLC was GREAT and had that nice static camera easter egg.

Sure, it had a lot of boulder-punching and volcano battle nonsense, but that's what happens when people throw money at the those garbage live-action RE movies. Starting with RE4, Capcom kept doubling-down on the dumb "Hollywood blockbuster" angle until things came to a head with RE6.

tucky1594d ago

100% agree
Resident evil 5 is one of the best in the serie

ifistbrowni1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

you love this comment so much, you had to post it twice, huh?

Once in the article (24 minutes ago) and once on N4G (24 minutes ago). Either it's a coincidence, or you're an avid hater of Outbreak and have to post your opinion everywhere so the world can see.

If they remade/reinvented Outbreak today, now that Live/PSN is as popular as it is today, I'd buy it day 1 to give it another shot.

I remember renting Outbreak as a kid and thinking it was only "okay." It obviously wasn't the Nemesis and RE:2 I was used to. But, as a grown up, looking back at Outbreak, I concede that the game was ahead of its time (kinda like a co-op 3rd person Left 4 Dead)

SuicidalTendencies1594d ago

My two big problems with Outbreak were that it felt like the game was rushing you & it should have also been released on the original Xbox.

Releasing it on the Xbox would have been better since everyone had a mic and communication was very important for playing online.