5 Dead Games To Save With Powerball Winnings

Powerball mania has swept the nation, and people have been day dreaming about what they would do with so much money. Everyone jumped on the hype train and day dreamed about what games they would bring back from vaporware Hell.

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DarkOcelet2619d ago

Shadow Of The Eternals is still coming. They just wanted to expand the universe.

Most likely they will make a Movie or a TV series along side the game.

jokerman272619d ago

Awesome, I never saw that!

DarkOcelet2619d ago

I think we might get a big reveal at E3 this year for the game and an actual release date this time.

It feels like ages since we got any news about this game.

blackblades2619d ago

Hell winning the last PowerBall you can buy a company or create your on company just for it. Also back up kickstarter and get some profit out of it.