Will Nintendo be releasing Gamecube games on NX?

When the Wii U was unvieled, there were big plans to release games on the eShop although this never transpired.
Will Nintendo instead release them on NX instead?

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iplay1up21530d ago

Nintendo said 3 years ago they were going to bring them to Wii U. That never happened. Anyway I am sure NX will get them.

solvemymaze1530d ago

I hope NX does get them, it would be a shame if it didn't!

Concertoine1530d ago

Which is even stranger since you can hack the Wii U to play most GC games flawlessly.

solvemymaze1529d ago

I had heard about this and how it goes into Wii mode to carry out the hack. It is rather bizzare.

Concertoine1529d ago


It seems the only reason Nintendo didnt include physical BC with the Gamecube is because they didn't want to use the money required to read the disks.

Otherwise, it works better than the 360 BC on Xbone.

kaizokuspy1530d ago

If NX gets them and maintains online support for classics like mario kart double dash, mario tennis, super smash Bros melee, I'm a day 1 buyer. Even if it's something akin to ps4 shareplay, I will be satiated. I only got to play gamecube at my buddies house, but I want those games. They have real nostalgia for me.

solvemymaze1529d ago

That would be amazing if they added online support for those games. I'll most likely be a day 1 buyer too, although I'm hoping it'll launch with a Super Mario game like Galaxy or 64.

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BrandanT1530d ago

They better. I was really hoping they'll do it for the Wii U.
I ended up being really disappointed when it didn't happen.

solvemymaze1529d ago

Me too! It was a massive tease that didn't deliver in the end when it came to GameCube games.

higgins781530d ago

I'm a BIG fan - of Nintendo, but, if somebody could please explain why Gamecube games never made it to the Wii U I would be eternally grateful...ANYBODY...

rjason121530d ago

Only thing I can think of is because of GameCubes triggers.

solvemymaze1529d ago

This could be a valid reason. From what I can recall though, it was only really the Rogue Squadron games and F-Zero that used the dual functionalities of the triggers.

rjason121529d ago

I know Mario sunshine and luigis mansion used them too.

DanJ8111529d ago

Yes and the only other problem I can think of is that the GC used memory cards to save data. The only way that could be possible on the Wii U is to use sd cards instead and add support for GC controllers on the vc or they might remake more GC games like they've done with Zelda: tww & tp. Some GC games also got remade for the wii such as Pikmin 1 & 2, and the Metroid Prime trilogy which is on the vc. Or they might release them for the NX.

solvemymaze1529d ago

I wouldn't say it was a massive failure, more of a misfire.

solvemymaze1529d ago

They'd most likely cite that it was a lack of interest although going from the reception of this article already, that doesn't seem to be the case.

solvemymaze1529d ago

I guess we could find out at E3 this year.

GetSomeLoGiK1529d ago

If they do, I hope they bring Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles to it. One of the comfiest games I played and most underrated FF title.

rjason121529d ago

Loved that game, wish they would make a proper sequel.

GetSomeLoGiK1529d ago

Same, the OST was really good as well.

solvemymaze1529d ago

That was with the GBA link up wasn't it? I'm sure there would be a way they could get it to work with the portable version of NX, or perhaps even 3DS since they have said they'll still support that platform, too.

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