Playstation Classics: Croc – Legend of the Gobbos writes:

''When people talk about classic Playstation games, they always mention the same names. Final Fantasy 7, Resident Evil and Crash Bandicoot are just a few of the titles brought up. There’s one game that rarely gets a mention.''

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Manio311529d ago

Man, I haven't heard of this game in eons.

MWH1528d ago

both were good and fun games.

FriedGoat1528d ago

Nah, it was Bug! and Bug Too!

N0TaB0T1529d ago

I loved this game, playing it today gives me motion sickness though.

NukaCola1528d ago

It has really archaic controls similar to Resident Evil where forward is in the direction you're looking and pivoting motion. Other than that, the game was fun.

TWB1528d ago

Didnt they fix the controls (somewhat) in the second game then? I havent played the original all that much and even then its been a while since Croc 2.

NukaCola1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

I don't know. Never played the second one. I do want a next gen Gex though.

Germany71529d ago

Croc is great, sadly it was never avaliable on PSN and i really don't know what company has the rights of the IP, probably we will never have another game for the series, sadly.

spektical1529d ago

Loved croc. The age of the playformer games.. so many spawned by Mario. Or before. There was spyro, crash, blasto, earthworm jim, gex, croc, mario, ty, banjo

Kingdomcome2471529d ago

Remember Dr. Muto? I loved that game.

Dark_matter1528d ago

Oohh yes. I played the demo but never the full game. I loved the demo.

DethWish1529d ago

Been wanting this on EU PSN for a long time

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The story is too old to be commented.