Dragon's Dogma Doesn't Need Co-op

Forum Pirate at Fextralife writes: "Co-op is an aggravatingly common request for games in general that have no need of it and wouldn’t benefit from its inclusion, but I feel like Dragon’s Dogma is a special case. Unlike most of the other games where people who don’t know what they’re asking for beg for co-op, Dragon’s Dogma at least seems to lend itself to the concept with it’s base systems. This is a trap, something many people who’ve played Dragon’s Dogma Online can probably tell you and something mentioned in at least one review of it but I’m going to explain why: Pawns."

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Cy1529d ago

Most games where people beg for co-op don't need co-op.

-Foxtrot1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Then the same people who begged for it will end up moaning the game hasn't been developed well

It's not that easy to add co-op, I wish people would realise that

It's like asking for it to be in Fallout or Elder Scrolls...they can hardly do single player games without huge bugs and it takes all their time to do a single player game so why ask for a feature which will ruin or dumb down the single player. It makes no sense.

Cy1529d ago

Exactly. Or it'll make the game too "easy" and they'll whine about how hard games used to be back in the old days and go on about how this game should be more like Dark Souls.

Summons751529d ago

The pawns were the best coop without actually having coop. It's like having a piece of yourself helping others all while getting rewards for doing so. Made so much money off my pawn because she was a powerful healer.

rdgneoz31529d ago

Yah, making them a heal bot or a well geared tank tends to get them rented a lot.

pyroxxx1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

So basically people want Dragon's Dogma Online,.. O wait,.. It exists ,.. and it is awesome

xPhearR3dx1529d ago

True, but you can still easily play it. There's a really good English translation pack as well. I started playing a week and a half ago and it's an amazing F2P game. Remember when people said they wanted "Skyrim, just online with their friends". It's basically that. Everything from the single player portion of Dragons Dogma has been brought to Dragons Dogma Online, even the pawn system. The biggest factor is combat. It's exactly the same real time combat, just improved. It's like your playing a single player game, just online with your friends.

pyroxxx1529d ago


Any good page that shows what you need for weapon crafting above 41 (which you can buy),.. Don't even know what the hell I would need,..

thricetold1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Totally disagree with the authors conclusions and I feel his disdain for co-op in the first place has him gaming with blinders on. The simplest solution is drop in drop out co-op with proper difficulty scaling when another player is present, ala dark souls.

There are zero reasons for the co-op partner to have the ability to interact with the hosts npc's, whatsoever, it's not HIS story, he's just a helper, again, ala dark souls. That eliminates the fear of them somehow "messing up" the hosts game world.

It's irrelevant if they are getting "half" a game when they are just hired muscle in another's world and have their own story back in their dimension. DD is hands down my all time favorite game, with TLOZ right behind it so I'm definitely not tying to ruin it, it's just that I don't believe co-op would.

1529d ago