Why I’m Addicted to Rainbow Six: Siege | The Game Fanatics

With only one life per round, destructible environments, multi-layered maps, and a plethora of gadgetry that makes no two rounds the same, Rainbow Six: Siege offers a tense and unparalleled experience.

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daBUSHwhaka1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Best tactical shooter in years.Server issues aside its a must play.Fix those servers Ubisoft.If you can't handle 5v5 there may be problems ahead with the Division.

Tripl3seis1526d ago

Agreed this game is crack thank god I bought on sale last week lol

solar1526d ago

Great game, but 2 major things with me need to be fixed. I am over level 100.

1. Hit registration is terrible
2. Tick rate is not 60 like they say.

If they don't fix these issues (MM is a given) then I may never play again.

just_looken1525d ago

Currently a rank 102 once again i am taking a break there is only so much you can take of this "game".

This video shows how bad the servers are

I find its in the alpha state few more months of patches might be ready for the shelf.

jjb19811525d ago

10 feet from a target, while ADS, it took 4 shots for 1 to hit. I was spot on between the eyes. It's pretty frustrating.

solar1524d ago

or the kill cam that shows blood squirting out of their faces, only for them to kill you and do no damage. i hate it so much lol

Lonnie181525d ago

Your one of the only few!

Khaotic1525d ago

I hate broken mp games, its the reason i dont play destiny pvp. If im going to get beat i want it to be cause the other person is better. Not because of lag or poor hit registration. Destiny is fun just like yall think siege is fun but man that ticks me off. I only play halo 5 atm. Those servers and gameplay are on point.

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The story is too old to be commented.