“A Matter Of Pride” – Massive Talk PC Development, And The Setting And Structure Of The Division

"Last week, I spent a few hours playing The Division in Malmö, hometown of developers Ubisoft Massive."

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251Tre1533d ago

_LarZen_1533d ago

Allot of talk and nothing to show....

Show us the game running on a PC at various settings and we can talk again.

Kreisen1533d ago

Im assuming its becouse they got a deal with MS, they cant actively promote the game on any other platform. Kinda like with Destiny.

_LarZen_1533d ago

Yeah I read something about that...

But I think I heard that next week the embargo is off. And they can start showing PC and PS4 footage.

Could be remembering wrong...guess we find out next week :P

Seafort1533d ago


Bit late then as we'll be seeing the game ourselves next week when we play the beta on 29th.

These embargoes are pathetic. Only a company with no confidence in their product enforces embargoes.

Typical Microsoft stunt though.

OoglyBoogly1533d ago

Is that why the 4K bullshots that were released just a couple days ago have basically already been proven as fake? People are starting to play the PC beta and the game doesn't even look like those shots!

All I hear from these people are bullshit and more bullshit. The game was downgraded. Stuff is gone, map is smaller, a lot of the more advanced graphical effects are gone, physics have been dumbed down, no companion tablet app, etc. Just come out and say it and quit acting like you people kept to your word.

Oschino19071533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

PC beta doesn't start until January 28th... Why not wait until more then a handful of earlier players get to try it and find out what features purposely aren't in the beta because well it's a beta and not the final release.

OoglyBoogly1533d ago

Do you know what a beta is? It's basically the finished product that's tested for bugs and server load, etc. The game is a little over a month away from releasing. If you thing there's going to be some dramatic changes to the graphics you're only fooling yourself.

Not to mention the fact that BECAUSE it's a beta there's no reason why they would hold back so many features and graphical upgrades because you want to test EVERYTHING and make sure it's all stable for release.

So, no, there is not going to be major or even minor changes to the graphics from now til release.

forager1532d ago

Doesn't PC start the 29th?

Kreisen1533d ago

Heres a link to a site which features some screenshots of the actual PC built running on ultra settings.

It looks nothing like those bullshots......

OoglyBoogly1533d ago

And what's so goddamn pathetic about it is that they release those shots so close to the release and even closer to the beta AS IF people won't freaking notice! Oh here's some 4K PC screenshots on Ultra settings! We won't mention all the Photoshopping they went through though!