Life is Strange Latest Update Includes a Lip Sync Patch

Life is Strange gets a patch that fixes the most common complaint.

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Kalebninja1527d ago

Ooooh noooow they fix it. It was so annoying.

kraenk121526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

I don't really see why people complained at all. It was a minor issue imho.

Kalebninja1526d ago

You're joking right? Its something we have to deal with the entire game and theres the fact that this is a story driven game full of cut scenes makes it even worse.

kraenk121526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )


No, didn't bother me at all. It's not like I watch the people's mouths all the time you know.

inveni01526d ago

It didn't happen through the whole game for me. Just a few spots.

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I3loggs241527d ago

I never noticed a lip sync issue when I played it.. Ill have to pick up the collectors edition next time I go to EBGames.

Panaru1527d ago

Huh, that's something I didn't think they'd bother fixing. Kudos, Dontnod.

One-Shot1527d ago

I got over it, but great they fixed it.

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