Games as Sublime Art

Laguna Levine writes: "Roger Ebert was certainly a respected movie critic, but even if you disagreed with his opinions, you have to admit that the man at least was well read, would engage with his audience and critics, could analyze his personal opinions and explain why and how he came to his conclusion(s). There is a reason his was a critic, and even if you disagreed with him, it was not because he lacked analytic skills. However, one thing he focused on when discussing games was their inability to make people less reflective and empathetic. He wasn't alone in this though, but I'd argue that as much as we may be lacking a Citizen Kane of gaming, games as more than visual art is not only possible, but becoming a reality."

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garyanderson1529d ago

Dann I miss Roger Ebert. I didn't agree with him on everything, but he was great.

Bathyj1529d ago

Sorry, cant respect the opinion of a man who gave Diehard a 2/4 and then realizing he was wrong and that Diehard had burnt itself in the cinema goers psyche and became movie history, gave the good but inferior sequel a 3.5/4.

TheCommentator1529d ago

EA is secretly working Citizen Kane: Extreme Sledding.