My Top 5 Most Anticipated Multiplayer Games of 2016

SheAttack: Erica of lists and discusses her top 5 most anticipated multiplayer games. What are some multiplayer games you are looking forward to? Read along and see if yours comes up in the list!

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gangsta_red1531d ago

Out of that list Gears 4 is on my very skeptical radar. These devs have a tough job ahead of them. Crafting a Gears that doesn't feel too much like the same thing but also not changing so much that it doesn't feel like a Gears game as Judgement did.

Cuphead needs to hurry up and drop already.

kenbo5591531d ago

For Honor and cuphead are games I can't wait to play either

medman1530d ago

I'm all about that single player boss. I dabble in multiplayer from time to time, but it just doesn't hold the same appeal for me that an engaging story does.