The Best Games on PS4 - Winter 2016 Edition

Push Square: "It's been six months since we controversially categorised the best games on the PlayStation 4, and a lot has happened since then. Not only have a handful of absentees from last year's 20 strong shortlist won a place in our most active organs, but new releases have also caused us to reconsider the cream of the crop. So, in what we intend to become a biannual feature, we present to you the strongest software that you'll find on Sony's new-gen system – well, as of Winter 2016, anyway…"

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Rookie_Monster1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

The top 5 PS4 console exclusive games I'd played in 2015.

1. Bloodborne
4. Until Dawn
5. Journey HD

DigitalRaptor1525d ago

Mate, the article is talking about games, not "console exclusives".

And it's also talking about games over the lifetime of the console, not 2015.

Rookie_Monster1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Sorry Pal, All my Third party games are on PC and those are the only PS4 games I got or had, including 2014's hit, TLOU remaster.

I know exactly what I am talking about. If I were to list the top 5 PS4 games overall, only Bloodborne would be on the list. Then, you and others will goalposts my wording and say I am bias against Sony exclusives for not including them. LOL

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lancerzwarrior1526d ago

Until Dawn was a fantastic surprise last year and can't wait for more experiences like this. If PlayStation VR comes in at a reasonable price, that Until Dawn VR thing might be super compelling.