15 Most Expensive Games That Flopped

You win some, you lose some but these games lost a whole lot.

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joab7771527d ago

How many ads can fit in one article? Holy hell. I get it, only I can stop a wildfire. And I get to number 1 and...another full page ad. Damn!

Tobsesan1527d ago

"The Halo franchise has seen some major successes in its illustrious history but it’s also dotted with plenty of failures. Case in point, the Halo MMO that Ensemble Studios (who developed Halo Wars) worked on, under the name “Titan”, which never released. The project cost a whopping $90 million and was simply cancelled without any formal announcement by Microsoft. Some speculate that its stories ended up being used for Halo Legends, the original anime compilation.

Didnt even knew that was a thing lol. Sounds like it couldnt work or has to be a destiny like game.