Valve adds Bluetooth, Xbox One Elite controller support to SteamOS

Steam Machines are finally here, even though some PC manufacturers are hesitant to build around the Linux-based gaming platform. Undeterred, Valve continues to update its SteamOS, and has recently added support for Xbox One Elite controllers as well as Bluetooth headsets and gamepads.

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ninsigma1535d ago

Does this include steam link??

Rookie_Monster1535d ago

Great that Steam is adding the beat controller ever made. A welcome addition.

343_Guilty_Spark1535d ago

Wonder why the disagrees's definitely not the DS4.

Jmanzare1535d ago

Lol you said it yourself

Dark_Crow1535d ago

The disagrees from you know who.
A fanboy can never respect the strengths of their opposing console.

It's actually very limiting and sad.

Shinuz1535d ago

well if someone thinks the best controller is another one they have the right to disagree don't you think? I've never tried (and probably never will at that price) the elite controller so for me its still the ds4 that's my favorite.

FlexLuger1535d ago


"I've never tried (and probably never will at that price) the elite controller so for me its still the ds4 that's my favorite."

so basically you are saying they disagree, because they cant afford one, dont own an xbox or both...Those who own one ( I still have not gotten around to it, but I will in the next month or so) and have tried it, they say its the best controller out there. Just because you dont own one, and cannot afford it, doesnt change the facts. I dont own one but I know its better than the regular XB1 pad. which I prefer over the DS. How you guys get comfortable playing FPS and other 3D games with that thing, baffles me. but each to their own. doesnt change the fact that this is regarded as the best controller out there though.

MachuchalBrotha3161535d ago

I heard good things about the controller? Sold out everywhere. Hopefully it will be the standard going forward and maybe with a price drop I will be able to buy one at some point.

Gaming_Since_The_80s1535d ago

Thats good news.

So when is Half Life 3 coming out?

Bolts1535d ago

Steam Big Picture mode and Windows 10 DX 12 made the Steam OS utterly pointless. There's just zero value in it.

Sgt_Slaughter1535d ago

Poor optimization doesn't help either.

Magnes1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I remember when Steam "digital games delivery" first arrived the start was slow. I think Steam OS is going to be a lot like Steam.

_-EDMIX-_1535d ago

Agreed. They need to partner with Linux and put serious money into having them make a real working OS.

Steam OS is so bad its not even funny. I have a separate HDD to try it out and its a huge waste.

Crashes soooooooo much ,its like DAMN VALVE!

They have enough money to do better then this. The could legit conquer the market, but they are fading and its becoming just a joke now.

MachuchalBrotha3161535d ago

Not necessarily, not everyone wants to jump on board with Windows 10. Its good having options and its good to know that the underdog OS is getting support regardless of its position in the market.

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SunnyZ1535d ago

Sweet, now all they need is game support for SteamOS

Not many games run on linux with openGL.

If it weren't for abysmal game support on linux, I wouldn't even use windows.

_-EDMIX-_1535d ago


Valve has a huge chance to do great things. Only time will tell, but right now Steam OS is just utter crap and becoming more of a joke every year. They really need a huge push to change or this will be the image of Steam OS.

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