Blizzard Desperate As WoW Plateaus

From gameplayer: "Blizzard is currently offering a free mount to any WoW subscriber who signs up a friend. Not quite as bad as Amway, but this is still a surprising development. How did it come to this?"

"Put simply, the new wave of MMOs is cannibalizing the WoW fanbase… WoW has lost its glamour. The spell has been broken."

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SlappingOysters3739d ago

I hate fitness first.

No actually, given that People are still buying WoW, yet the active player number is dropping, then the decline is actually a lot sharper than it looks.

Rise of the Lich King - bring it on!

chrisgay3739d ago

Maybe instead of a free mount they could actually make the game fun. After 2 years of pretty intense playing, I quit last October and realised I rarely had fun, I just got a sense of satisfaction from improving my character- if people could see past that, they'd realise its a very dull game. Bring on Diablo I say.

Leord3739d ago

Wow, that article sure sucked bollocks! Stupid conclusions and a lack of grip on reality. I just had to vent somewhere, and I wasn't going to register on the site!

Jdoki3739d ago

That article makes it sound like WoW is on it's last legs, trying desperately to hold on to it's last few hundred thousand subscribers!!

WoW could lose over half it's subscribers and STILL be the most successful MMO on the market!

There's nothing wrong with the odd incentive programme to boost numbers, especially just before an expansion launch. The article fails to take the following in to account...

Lets say this 'refer a friend' programme nets 200,000 new people worldwide - of those, 100,000 actually subscribe long term. They are currently in the 'honeymoon' phase of the game - where everything is really cool and new, and they are probably loving it. So when Lich King drops they may well pick it up straight away. So for the cost a free mount, Blizzard nets a significant number of Lich King sales they may have otherwise missed.

What Blizzard has done is opened up the market massively - we've gone from a few million subscribers across all the MMO's, to tens of millions of subscibers in the market place. If people are moving away from WoW now, there's a very good chance that they will at least try one of Blizzards future MMO's. And the chances are that the next Blizzard MMO will bring even more people to MMORPG gaming.

Lumbo3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

"for the cost of the free mounts"

you should have added a price to that: 0$ so people really understand what you try to say :D

It's funny how people call it "desperation" when you do a marketing incentive that COSTS YOU NOTHING and claim it being desperate.

The moment Blizzard offers playtime for free as incentive for getting a new player aboard people can claim desperation, but not before.

Cheeseknight283739d ago

The moment Blizzard offers playtime for free as incentive for getting a new player aboard people can claim desperation, but not before."

Actually, the first and current iteration of the RAF program gives a month free if the person you recruit also buys a month. Only the first one though.

On another note, I actually used this new feature and it's VERY useful. Friend of mine, who was playing on my brother's account with me, never got higher than 35 or so because he would lose interest at that point. However, with the faster leveling, his attention is still there. I just hope he knows proper group etiquette later on...

Polluted3739d ago

What a stupid article. WOW isn't desperate. They still hold more than 60% of the MMO market and the game has been out for almost 5 years now. After that amount of time, it's hardly surprising that they need to offer a few little extras to keep long time players interested. The fact that any new players at all are even signing up after that long is nothing short of astounding.

Personally I'm not that into WOW, but to say that Blizzard is "getting desperate" because they're soliciting new members is completely ridiculous. Maybe whoever wrote this article had a pre-paid subscription to any number of the other crappy MMOs that went under in their first year because they couldn't compete with WOW. That might explain the tone.

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