Rogue Galaxy PS2 vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

Rogue Galaxy is Level-5's latest game for PS2, recently released on PS4. This PS2 vs PS4 video graphics comparison shows how the game got improved thanks to PlayStation 4 emulation feature.

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DragonDDark2627d ago

Wow. I just remembered how blurry the ps2 version was lol

cyckiewicz2627d ago

Yeah, Saddly 480p can be pain in the ass and even upscalling the video won't help at all :/

yewles12627d ago

Except this wasn't 480p... the vast majority of PS2 titles would only run as high as 512x448, it was an extreme rarity for a game to render at anything higher...

LordMaim2627d ago

Its a really great game, but I'm glad that I don't have to go back to my PS2 to re-play it. The new version is fantastic. One of Level 5's unsung gems.

MasterCornholio2627d ago

I owned a PS2 and I had a ton of fun with it.

But dang, those games look so blurry compared to what we have today.

Rogue does look like a great game though.

DragonDDark2627d ago

Its really good with a cheesy story with some good twists here and there. It's really fun with a lot of content. It will take you 50+ hours to get 100% completion.

ABizzel12627d ago

These games are getting 8x the resolution boost, Anti Aliasing, and 3D geometry remodels, so yeah they look a lot better.

Resolution differences are very noticeable when it's a 2x boost or greater.