Xbox One backward compatibility: every major game tested

Digital Foundry:
Since our first tests in July, it's clear that Xbox One backward compatibility has come a long way. Many of the issues we noted in our original tests have been cleared up - with improved performance to several titles a welcome result of the feature's extended beta period. It's nice to see the list of games growing and we can only hope that the few titles which do exhibit issues can be cleaned up further.

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mark_parch2511d ago

all we need now is an xbox 360 store on xbox one where we can get all the digital 360 games at low prices I'm thinking about £5 each.

Jmanzare2511d ago

Yea it would be nice until then use the xbox store website

KimikoGaming2511d ago

Sweet. All the major games are tested. Awesome. That means now we can start including compatibility for games that, for the most part, haven't already gotten remasters or aren't just yearly rehashed shooters that nobody plays the old versions anymore.

But why isn't Fable Anniversary included in the BC?

Can't wait for BC to include Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vesperia, and other not as well-known exclusives.

green2511d ago

I think i read somewhere that Microsoft were trying to sort out backwards compatibility for multi disk games. Once they figure it out, i am sure Lost Odyssey would be added.

Jmanzare2511d ago

The witcher 2 is multi disk

Paytaa2511d ago

Still hoping they allow OG Xbox BC at some point.

NeoGamer2322511d ago

Its inevitable that some games have performance issues right now. MS should be able to improve the VM and get 100% BC working!

Hope they get games like Dead Space, the older Battlefields, and Red Dead on the BC list soon!

Gazondaily2511d ago

Someone constantly nattered on about Gears not being playable or being a mess but apart from Judgement, which is the crappest out of em all anyway, the games seem to run fine according to DF?

"But the bottom line is that for the most part, Microsoft has got it right here, and being able to centralise two generations of Xbox titles into one box is a highly compelling proposition."

Well that's good. Now we just need Dead Space 2 on the list!

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