Assetto Corsa is about to bring one of the finest handling models to console | EuroGamer

Hands-on with Kunos' remarkably faithful port.

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u4one3072d ago

very amped this is coming to consoles. freaking finally. if you love realistic racing, this is for you.

SolidStoner3072d ago

Sim racing this year will be epic.. Rally games (loeb rally, then Dirt!), Assetto corsa and then GT Sport! Get some wheel like G29 or T300 Ferrari alcantara and you are set for many years! also working with PC!

Goldby3072d ago

if only GT Sport was the full game. i look forward to that and GT 7

ABizzel13072d ago

They picked probably the worse month in the first half of 2016 to release in. They need to push it back to July / August, so it has a chance to get the most sales it can.

I know these games are very different genres, but Quantum Break comes to XBO in April, and Ratchet and Uncharted come to PS4 in April, and more than likely the majority of anyone's $60 sell is going to Uncharted and Quantum Break.

Plus moving to July / early August gives them a space completely to themselves, until Madden drops in late August.

u4one3072d ago

as excited as I am i would agree. Especially considering that even I am interested in pretty much every title you just mentioned. Definitely going to be an expensive time, no doubt there.

nitrogav3072d ago

It`s probably got an hard act to follow after Driveclub .Good luck .

Revvin3072d ago

Driveclub is a fun arcade racer, Assetto Corsa is a racing sim

u4one3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

driveclub isn't a sim. This one is focused on being as realistic as possible. drive club is an arcade racer.

x_BlackRose3072d ago

DC is a different type of racer. Casuals won't look to buy this. This is for the hardcore Sim racer. GT/Forza fans.

FlexLuger3072d ago


Are you saying a game that simulates the suspension, tire properties and weight distribution of a car realistically and laser scanned tracks that the suspension responds realistically too,is not a sim? FYI forza simulates what a car actually does, better than GT ( for a start PD has never simulated 4 wheel steering or tire deformation..oh..and their RUfs still behave like mid engined cars even though RUf's like porches and old VWs are REAR ENGINED...forza is the only sim that accounts for this...do your research) and I say that as both a real life driving enthusiast who actually knows how to drive a car fast..and as somebody that does track days.

Thanks for the laugh though.

Aside from that...Im looking forward to trying out ACs handling model. Heard nothing but good things.

u4one3072d ago

forza horizon is not a sim. motorsport is in fact classified as a sim. built from dunlop testing data points among other things.

FlexLuger3072d ago


I might be getting you confused with somebody else on N4G, but did you mention in one of your posts that you are a track junky? If the answer to that is yes, then my next question is do you live in the uk..if the answer to that is yes, then my next question is would you like to link up at silverstone when the weather is better? I warn you though...I am no slouch in my 135M :) ..I see a 2 series in your avi, and would love to compare the two on a track...doing it in a game is one thing, but its nothing like the real thing!

u4one3072d ago


I did say that in another posting, yes :) I would LOVE to hit Silverstone, unfortunately I am in Los Angeles, CA.

I just picked up a new 2015 bmw m235i a few months ago, so i'd love to see how those two compare! We have a few tracks out here in California too if you ever find yourself out this way *wink*

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alice20153072d ago Show
level 3603072d ago

Nice to see Assetto be available for console gamers'.

Project CARS was alright, I hope this is better and that it would feature something new and unique.

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Knushwood Butt459d ago

Add PSVR2 support to ACC and I might play it.

ApocalypseShadow458d ago

Same. Good sales. But if they are smart, they'll release a VR update on console for PS VR 2. Get more sales. More money.

TheColbertinator458d ago

Impressive series and well known for being challenging

ChiefofLoliPolice458d ago

Jesus really? Damn I didn't know Assetto Corsa was that popular. Now that I look at the sales numbers and the sheer about of mods for the PC version I guess I can see it now.

Obscure_Observer458d ago

Really impressive numbers.

There´re more racing simulators fans out there than most racing games studios acknowledges.

Father__Merrin458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

Wish AC1 was at least one X enhanced but it's only sold a lot because of its price