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The Gamesradar know what you're probably thinking: What the heck is Assetto Corsa? Sounds like a fancy ice cream. True, but it's actually a very fancy racing sim, previously only available on PC. Having won a lot of hardcore racing fans over the past couple of years, it's finally coming to console with a brand new interface. And, as it happens, I've just played an already impressive, pre-alpha version on PS4.

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hraac3078d ago

In which space is Gran Turismo reigning? O.o

3078d ago
BiggCMan3078d ago

All of them? Any time a new GT comes out, it's a world wide event. It sells remarkably high every time, with the lowest game still selling over 5 million copies.

When people think of sim racing, they think of Gran Turismo, always. Yea there are much newer games, more advanced games even for sure. But GT has that mass market appeal down more than Assetto Corsa and Project Cars do, because they aren't trying to. The mass market doesn't want HYPER realistic driving games.

Gran Turismo provides just enough realism with just the right amount of ease of use to keep it fun for everyone, and actually works well with a controller which is huge. Because PCars and Assetto Corsa do not work well with controller at all, I know, I have both of them.

All of these reasons are why GT is the leader in this genre. Doesn't mean it's necessarily better than the other games, because better is just opinion anyhow. But to deny that it actually is not the leader in the genre is false.

mark_parch3078d ago

I would say forza is currently reigning on console and has been for a few years

BiggCMan3078d ago

I would only agree in the sense that, there have been so many of them in the last 3 or 4 years, where there has only been 1 GT just over 2 years ago. But in terms of sales, Forza never sells particularly well for attempting to become a leader in the genre. Whether it is better is irrelevant. There are games much better than Call of Duty for instance, but it's the leader of the genre because of sales, not because of quality. Gran Turismo is the same, it has sold astronomical numbers through its near 20 year life, the likes of which no racing series has ever seen. And as I explained, GT6 while still the lowest selling in the franchise, still managed to sell over 5 million copies which is nuts. And that was likely due to it coming out on PS3, right when PS4 came out. If it was ported to PS4 at the same time, dude I can't even imagine how much it would have sold.

USMC_POLICE3078d ago

Those licenses are like crack! Wish forza had them.

u4one3078d ago

When I think of proper sim racing I think of asetto, not gt. When I think of a good sim racing game I think forza. I think gt used to be the best and got knocked off its console throne at least 2 versions ago. Gt has to make some ground to win me back to thinking it's the best. It's no longer the best sim and it's definitely not the best racing game anymore imo. Maybe 7 will change that.

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ps5fanboy3078d ago

The real reality...not many can accept....

Me-Time3078d ago

+80k rooms in Quick Match everyday. Over two years ago, GT6 released two weeks after the PS4 launched. The course creator has reinvigorated the community recently enough. It's doing better than I expected.

Wallstreet373078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

In the space that has it as the best selling racer of all time. You know the space where it sells several million more than all the racers out there on any system lol

Gamers have spoken and on every release it sells in the multimillions so yeah in that space where hardcore gamers game and live lol

Edito3078d ago

Everyone who thinks any other sim is better than gran turismo are fool, kid or started playing few year ago...

There are other good games but not at the same level as GT.

u4one3078d ago

Anyone who ho says that has either never played any other sim or had never played a sim like asetto or iracing on a good pc rig. Both smoke forza and gran tursimo.... And I track in real life too. Racing is s huge interest in my life.

Wallstreet373078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )


I raise your good rig to an uber strong, cross fire titan rig with 4K graphics lol

So let me guess because you say you "track in real life" we are suppose to take your opinion as gold? Gran Turismo doesnt have anything to prove, it has proven itself time and time agin it is one of and arguably the best sim racer and if you put sales into the figure, gamers choose it over all others every release (and that includes professional racers as well).

Clunkyd3078d ago


iRacing or assetto doesn't have the same level of quality as GT.

Me-Time3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

47k in sportscar battle
36k rally car battle
65k non-race car battle
41k race car battle

I underestimated by about 100,000 races. But even if each room had just a single person in it...

There's no way I would have predicted this. It's insane.

BiggCMan3078d ago

Holy shit, I didn't even know myself, that GT6 had legs like that. That's a remarkable amount of people playing, if true.

2pacalypsenow3078d ago

The Racing simulation space, since its the best RACING SIMULATOR on consoles

3-4-53078d ago

GT hasn't been on top in 10 years.

Forza 2 started the Forza franchise being on top, and it has been since.

I hope GT is better than Forza 6, just for the fact that competition is good and it will force the Forza team to have to adjust and react based on how good GT is.

And then hopefully Forza 7 is better than GT 7 and so on.

It benefits everyone who plays GT & Forza for that to happen.

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u4one3078d ago

It's pretty good. Really good. Best sim I've played iRacing is also really good.

Abnor_Mal3078d ago

I like how an artile can be written saying a game the author demoed could be better than a game that hasn't even been shown in any capacity. With that thinking ANY game in the same genre can be considered better or reign on console when you have no basis to go off. A game I just made up in my mind is better than any other game that is currently out, already came out, or will come out in the future.

Sure enough with just the mere thought of blood in the water, here come the sharks ready to attack.

LA_Zeo3078d ago

You take a shot at the king you best not miss.

sadsatan3078d ago

gt sport will destroy this

u4one3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Umm no. AC is one of the best. It kills on PC and gt and forza both should be nervous it's coming to consoles. It's truly a sim for the gear heads. Very very realistic.

Me-Time3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

That may be the case now, but how did AC play with limitations that restricted past-gen games which relied on CPU power for realistic physics? I keep hearing Enthusia wasn't held back by the lack of power - being on the PS2, it apparently stacks up well against current sim racers.

I wonder how you figure the next GT is out of contention without much to go on. With the FIA taking charge of the serious online racing side to things, how do you not take that into consideration, one way or another?

2pacalypsenow3078d ago

Yeah just like we were scared about project cars?

u4one3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )


What does pcars have to do with Assetto corsa being compared to GT?

AC was a racing industry sim that they turned into a game. PCars was a crowd funded game from a completely different studio who wanted to make a sim game from scratch. It had no real track record other than some earlier pc betas. AC is a Tried and true sim with history and a kickass, completely accurate and tested sim. So good in fact that they use it in sim trainers.

As of right now based on current GT relaeases vs AC releases, the only thing GT has that's better is brand recognition. That will make it sell more than AC most likely but AC is the better sim for those in the know with experience playing it.

I forgot that that anything published by Sony for PlayStation is better than anything else by default in N4g land. Regardless of facts, history or experience with anything else. Ignorance is bliss I guess