New Gundam Musou scans for PS3

Scans from the surprise new Gundam game for the PS3, titled Gundam Musou. This time, the game genre appears to be the Dynasty Warriors like war-simulation with single protagonists or armies taking on opponent armies or bosses. The visuals appear to have taken on a unique anime art style and looks much better and prettier than the last game, almost like a next-gen version of the highly successful Zone of the Enders series by Hideo Kojima for the PS2.

It appears as if like all the long running franchises, Namco-Bandai is taking a new expansive approach with the Gundam universe...experimenting with newer game designs while keeping the core theme on its original track. Lets see how this new look of a mech game fares.

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calderra5255d ago

Good Lord... what lows will the Gundam franchise sink to? Well- how about becoming a Dynasty Warriors clone!? What better way to take a tired, repetitive, uninspiring franchise and turn it around except to combine it with a tired, repetitive, uninspiring franchise?

For ***'s sake, they even use the EXACT same HUD from the DW series.

To note: I absolutely love Dynasty Warriors (on a per-game basis), but for all practical purposes, each DW game has been more similar to its previous installment than most Madden titles have been to each other. At least Madden has roster changes! BOTH of these franchises need fresh blood and new ideas.

Seeing thse two team up is like seeing 2k sports and EA combining forces to make a basketball game.

specialguest5254d ago

the Gundam game franchise is one of those franchise that most of us non-Japanese will never understand. they keep on releasing these games that are often mediocre, yet it will always sell well in Japan.