Lots of updates and parrots since the initial release of Pirates

Destructoid writes: "There have been a significant amount of changes to Pirates of the Burning Sea since it was shown last year at Gen Con. There is now more dueling, new graphics and cities, more pillaging, and even more "piratical pets." I like parrots, to be honest, but I've always been afraid of how long they live. Could you imagine having to chill with a bird for your entire life, nonethless one that takes dumps on your shoulder for decades?

Aside from the nearly immortal status that parrots have among pirates, Flying Lab Software is prepping for their "Milestone 7" release at the end of this month. The most interesting change that isn't indicative of the game itself involves a day of the year I didn't know about. Apparently, September 19 is "Talk Like a Pirate Day." Flying Lab is celebrating that fact by adding new missions from the founders of the holiday, Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket. Venereal diseases and scurvy have yet to be confirmed, but I'll continue to do my job and investigate these pressing matters.

While I'm busy being prolific, feel free to hit the break to see all of the changes that have come and are coming to Pirates of the Burning Sea."

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