Pocket Mortys side quest guide & quest items

The heart of Pocket Mortys is collecting all 82 varieties of the down-on-his-luck grandson and battling against competing Ricks, but if you've spent any time wondering around the Citadel, you've likely come across a side quest or two.

After acquiring new badges by beating boss Ricks, sometimes the characters inhabiting the Citadel will feature gold question marks above their heads. Go talk to them and you'll be given a side quest independent of the main story to defeat the Council Of Ricks.

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Pocket Mortys Releases New Content to Celebrate Season 7 of Rick and Morty

Pocket Sized Hands is hyping up the release of season 7 of Rick and Morty with new content for their game Pocket Mortys!

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Here's Ten Of The Best Underrated iOS/Android Games

Evan Writes:

“I have been playing iPhone and Android games since 2011, writing about thousands of games in the process, so naturally, it can be a bit difficult for a game to make an impression on me at this point. Nevertheless, some games stick with me, even years after playing them. Here's some of my favorite underrated games (all free or freemium) for the iOS and Android platforms.”

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RizBiz1815d ago

The only decent mobile game I've ever played was Jelly Defence.

TheEnigma3131815d ago

mobile games are so saturated and garbage now smh.


Adult Swim Games Adds 50 New Characters to Pocket Mortys

Ok so, its time for a small confession. I love Rick and Morty. Not the toxic sauce wanting fan base, or the memes, or even the cultural phenom that was Pickle Rick, but the show itself.