Madden Curse: Fact or Fiction?

TGR - "The first video game to bear Madden's name was released way back in 1988, called John Madden Football. But it didn't sport an athlete on the cover, only Madden himself. An actual player didn't grace the cover for more than a decade.

Perhaps replacing Madden's rosy-cheeked face upset the cosmos; the Madden Curse was born. Every cover athlete has fallen on hard times after the game's release, but many players and gamers deny its existence. After all, football is a rough sport by nature. Players are bound to have a tough year now and again. Right?"

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Relin4492d ago

Agreed, though it obviously affects each player differently. I really wonder what makes the Curse tick: is it the fact that EA always chooses someone after they've hit their prime? It is that everyone then starts watching the player more intensely?

mfwahwah4492d ago

It's the natural evil that EA leaks. It rubs onto the players and curses them.

cain1414492d ago


I'm really hoping this years line up will go against that rep...

It has a lot of potential...

cain1414492d ago

The shear fact Farve unretired proved the curses exhistance... He killed his legacy with the packers...

cain1414492d ago

I wonder if there is a correlation with how the team as a whole does?

ihaten4glol4492d ago

Wow, this is some kind of coincidence for the books. It's definitely a more than a little creepy to find that something has happened to all these players. I know if I were a football player I would be turning the Madden cover down.

ynneknimajneb4492d ago

Out of their prime? vince young on the cover last year, had a 550 yard game in the 2007-08 season.

cain1414492d ago

The Majority of these guys came off amazing years... hard to keep that up for too long...

And yeah Young is well young...

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