Shiness Targeting A Spring Release; Will Take You More Than 50 Hours To Fully Complete

"We've talked about indie RPG Shiness with Enigami's CEO & CoFounder Hazem Hawash."

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DarkOcelet3114d ago

Never heard of the game, i like the art style though.

Festano3114d ago

Me too, but I'm adding this to my watch list!

I think I'm gonna be broke with all these games...

Alexious3114d ago

My backlog keeps growing. I don't think I'll ever be able to trim it...

Aurenar3114d ago

Not enough for me a lifetime to complete all the games I want.

gprime3114d ago

The game was kickstarted a while back. I've been waiting for it since, and it's looking great.

DarkOcelet3114d ago

Yeah it kinda looks like Fable and Kingdom Hearts mixed together.

3-4-53113d ago

The art style and battle system look good.

DarkOcelet3113d ago

Yeah, they do. I cant believe i haven't noticed this game until now though.

ccgr3114d ago

Looks cute, I'll be keep an eye out for this one.

Aurenar3114d ago

I have never heard of this game before. But from what little I can see it looks interesting.

TM3333114d ago

I remember when this game was announced. I thought it looked killer, but honestly figured it would become vaporware. This is great news!

Alexious3113d ago

Well, they've had a successful Kickstarter and now they also have a publisher (Focus Home). I'd say it's very safe.

hkgamer3113d ago

too long, won't bother with this.

Skate-AK3113d ago

"If the players just want to rush the main story, it will take them 15 hours to reach the end of Shiness. However, if they want to collect all of the items, search through all the areas and complete all the side quests, they will need more than 50 hours!"

PygmelionHunter3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Yeah, content worth your buck is usually a staple of the JRPG genre.

hkgamer would be better off with a game like The Order 1886 if he doesn't have time for video games, or more specifically, for any JRPG in general.

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OtterX1d 4h ago

For me, these Mario + Rabbids games were the best thing Ubisoft has developed in recent years. I'd hate to see Ubisoft drive the series into the ground like their other properties, so I think 2 games are enough. Maybe 1 more.

Inverno20h ago

They can't ruin it because Ninty will send their ninjas to destroy all traces of it. If not for that you can bet that spinoff series would've been milked dry by now.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 2h ago

Good luck in your future endeavors

Hotpot1d 1h ago

Thank you for Mario + Rabbids series, I quite enjoyed it

Einhander19721d 1h ago

Great games, I have wanted Sony to copy these games with their own mascots for years.

Michiel19894h ago

not cinematic or 3rd person enough for Sony