Consoles Have Batman Fever: He's breaking out everywhere!

This article looks at three very different interpretations of Batman in upcoming titles LEGO Batman, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and the rumoured Dark Knight tie in, along with his role in Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe.

XboxOZ360 asks:

So with 3 different Batman games that are set for different audiences which Batman game would appeal to you the most? The family friendly LEGO Batman, the darker more gritty evil version of Batman or the movie tie-in Batman game?

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XboxOZ3605785d ago

I'm wondering when the Lego craze will end actually, we'll have Lego Tomb Raider soon,now how are they going to show Lara in Lego . . hmmm . . the mind boggles.

But as far as the others go, if they are done right, and the Rocksteady one looks damn nice, they should come off really well, hopefully.

Solid_Dawg5785d ago (Edited 5785d ago )

kinda like this...


srry couldnt find out how to attach image...

Majors5785d ago

You not think these LEGO games are all the same ? They use the same engine etc just with differert locations. I have Lego StarWars and although its fun at times its very repetitive, hit a block collect coins / build a device to get some more coins / shoot a bad guy & collect more coins etc etc etc... Now if they just done away with this bloody coin collecting and replaced it with something different for each game then maybe these 20 different Lego games would be worth getting, but as they stand they arent. If you have one of them you will be wasting your money buying another.

GrathiusXR5785d ago

I wonder as well when the LEGO craze will end but it seems that they are doing something right as everyone seems to be buying them and loving them.

B: AA does well and truly look like it will be the Batman experience every villain you can think of, comic style Batman, and everything else we love about our caped crusader...

Regarding the movie tie-in i really couldn't care much about that game anymore seeing as B:AA has truly overshadowed it. And The Dark Knight train has heavily slowed down so while a game could spark interest again it will be hard to overshadow Arkham Asylum

GrathiusXR5785d ago

Another game which is set to feature the caped crusade is the PS3 Exclusive DC Universe Online...

The only thing i ask for after all these games is that they do not start milking the cow with Batman... the last thing i would want to see is a string of Batman games that are less than average popping out on each console..

games4fun5785d ago

how do you kill the batman?
its easy of course... release a bunch of movie tie-in games its bound to kill him sooner or later

right now a few of these games look promising but sooner or later they will overdo it, we already have 5 games with him in it counting MK VS DC a few more and it will have gone overboard. And its only been a month since the movie in theatres

gaminoz5785d ago

Yeah I wonder if too much Batman will ruin it or even be profitable. Especially with the Dark Knight one; not sure there is much to play as really...it was more of a visual experience with good writing that may not translate well to video game.

GrathiusXR5785d ago

That all 3 Batman games aren't the exact same thing..

LEGO: Batman more family friendly Batman game for everyone
B: AA more darker gritty Batman aimed at teens and older
and the supposed Dark Knight game aimed at young teens and older...

If all 3 games were basically the same stuff different smell then we would have a problem but it's good that they are 3 different alliterations of the Dark Knight..

Lets just hope after these 3 games and DC Universe Online and MK vs DC that people don't start making endless games with either Batman as a featured character or just based around Batman...

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The biggest issue was that with the introduction of DC and Warner Bros, MK's iconic gore had to be dialed down. Batman, after all, cannot be split into two by Kung Lao's hat. However, while the game itself signaled the fatality of the Mortal Kombat franchise, its core formula is what resurrected it to become NetherRealm Studio and the reboot we've come to adore.

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hotnickles537d ago

MK vs DC wasn’t awful. If reception for that game made mk9 possible then hopefully the failures of MK11 can make some good changes as well. It’s time to get rid of variations, they had a good run but ended up a mess.

CrimsonWing69536d ago

I think MK 9 did.

In fact I remember being bummed that this was a T rated MK game and just dismissed it. MK 9 was when I actually stood back and said, "They're back!". Still think that game is fantastic.


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MichaelKnight83708d ago (Edited 708d ago )

I'm sure R* knows the Nintendo Switch install base and probably dont really care to port over more R* games to the Nintendo Switch tho i gotta say playing GTA4 & RDR1 on the go on the Nintendo Switch would be dope

Knightofelemia708d ago

I would buy Lollipop Chainsaw, Alice Madness Returns, Enslaved, Splatter House, Brutal Legends, Dante's Inferno, and Dead Space for sure if they were ported to the Switch.

Mobis-New-Nest708d ago

Deus Ex Human Revolution would be a great title to The Holy Grail of All Consoles aka The Nintendo Switch*. Also Haze Remastered, Grand Theft Auto 4 and 5 Remastered, Silent Hill HD Collection, Max Payne 3 Remastered, Call of Duty World At War Remastered, The Orange Box Remastered, Halo Master Chief Collection, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 Remastered, Metal Gear Solid 4 Remastered, Afro Samurai Remastered, Demons Souls Remastered, Xmen Destiny Remastered, Jack and Daxter Collection, Def Jam Icon Remake, Folklore Remastered, Spiderman Edge of Time Remastered, Persona 5 remastered, the list goes on. (*Best Selling Console of All Time)

MontyeKristo708d ago (Edited 708d ago )

Can we just get a Bully 2? 😒

iplay1up2708d ago

Seriously? Isn't it time Nintendo make a Switch successor? I mean they have the sales and money.

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NecrumOddBoy757d ago

COMIX ZONE came to mind before even reading this.

Yui_Suzumiya756d ago

Doki Doki Literature Club 🥰