Giant Bomb Review: Bionic Commando Rearmed

GB reports:

''The thing that always made Bionic Commando so rad was the way the grappling hook felt. You play as Nathan "Rad" Spencer, a soldier with an extending metal hook where his left arm should go. You can't jump, but you can launch your metal arm out and grab onto ceilings and other surfaces. This lets you pull yourself toward things and swing from place to place. The original BC still holds up because of how cool and skill-based the hook was. Timing your hook shots, like shooting it out to get airborne, then launching it again from mid-air to keep off the ground felt great. More importantly, it still feels great in Rearmed. While the timing of the hook seems slightly different (at least when compared with my memories of the original game), it still works.''

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BSigel813718d ago

I noticed that nobody ever post comments on Giant Bomb articles lol, but on topic this review is a good review of Bionic Commando Rearmed. I can tell these guys have a great appreciation for the game by giving it a 5/5, most people gave it 8/10, which is not bad but, is not as high.

PS. I did not even know that their reviews count in the Medacritic score of a game.

Homicide3717d ago

I downloaded the demo, and it was pretty awesome. I'm getting this.