Lost Dimension Review

Lost Dimension is a strategy RPG that pits a squadron of characters against the ultimate terrorist known only as The End. The End has promised ultimate world destruction, already causing massive death worldwide. A tactical infantry squad consisting of soldiers with special powers is sent to penetrate The End’s mysterious and allegedly impregnable tower. The game begins with Sho, the player’s character, as he regains consciousness surrounded by a few allies – all of whom he can’t remember – and few more hostile creatures. The squad, all suffering from some form of amnesia, realize they were sent on this mission and decide to band together to defeat the enemies. As it turns out, no one quite remembers each other, but that’s more-or-less the only memory they have lost.

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MegaRay1722d ago

Lost Dimension was masterpiece to me, it should be ported to PS4, or get a sequel.

Fist4achin1722d ago

This is part of my backlog. Too many games!!!