Top 10 Discontinued Video Game Series

No point holding your breath for the next one. Join WatchMojo as they countdown their picks for the Top 10 Discontinued Video Game Series.

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DarkOcelet1163d ago

Dino Crisis must make a comeback. It would be beautiful on VR.

pompombrum1163d ago

A proper Dino Crisis survival horror VR experience? Oh HELL YES! That would be amazing. Sadly, they'd probably turn it into a dino shooter knowing Capcom.

SolidGear31163d ago

You mean high blood pressure inducing? Imagine feeling the vibrations in your head from a T-Rex coming from the distance? :D

oasdada1163d ago

i would love a classic approach on a new dino crisis reboot made on panta rhei engine. if anything the good reception of RE1 remake should give em the push

XXXL1163d ago

Basically anything Konami is turning into a pachinko machine.

Psygnosis3331163d ago

New Dino Crisis is all I need

Unlimax1163d ago

As always .. Watchmojo completely ignores Parasite Eve in all of their lists .

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