Gaming on a Budget - Top 5 Next-Gen Budget Games

In today's modern videogames market, many gamers operate on a budget. Being able to afford three brand new releases in a month – often with an RRP above the £45 mark – is simply a dream to some, and improbable to others, and quite clearly this is where the industry's "pre-owned" market has sprung from. But also, the publishers themselves have taken note, with each of the major format holders promoting their own range of budget titles; Nintendo's Player's Choice range, Microsoft's CLASSICS titles and SONY's PLATINUM series. Nintendo is yet to launch an official range in the Current-Generation, but has released many titles with a comparable price-tag; a strategy that has seen much success in the Casual market sector. But which titles truly offer value-for-money?

While the Hardcore gamers will pick up most of these releases at launch, Mainstream and Casual gamers are less likely to fork-out immediately for a title with which they have little information on. While many may find themselves lavishing-out on a brand new copy of Grand Theft Auto IV at launch, how many would spend an equal amount on Heavenly Sword? Or Mass Effect?

The titles below are...

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mathsman4730d ago

HOw did Gears of War not make the top 5?!!?!

Jeremy Gerard4730d ago

COD2 was awesome, personally I think Stranglehold should have been on that list as well, I picked it up for 12 dollars at Bestbuy the other day. 360 has tons of great games for cheap, that is one of the reasons it is such a great value.

pp4730d ago

i'm surprised mgs4 isn't in the list last i heard it was in the BARGAIN BIN

IzKyD13314730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

good one!

people....^^this is what child abuse and neglect leads to, a false sense of hope, arrogance, and lame jokes especially

InMyOpinion4730d ago

^^ In that case I don't want to know what you have been through lol!

RAF-TECH4730d ago

even though i want to.

after "watching" that game for hours...

altredeemer4728d ago

I'm not surprised, most places are doing ti for £30 already.

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dadice4730d ago

What about Twilight PRincess? Maruo Galaxy? Mario Kart? SMASH BROS? They're all under £30 these days.

LossTheEarthbreaker4730d ago

Mario Kart and Smash Bros are still almost full price.

InMyOpinion4730d ago

Dead rising, Forza Motorsport 2 and Gears of War are given.

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The story is too old to be commented.