Capcom Still Has "Ace Up Its Sleeve" For Bionic Commando

Kotaku writes: "And not any ace, says Bionic Commando producer Ben Judd in his ear wax shirt, but a "fucking ace". At a small event for the launch of Bionic Commando: Rearmed, Judd said that the downloadable title was doing way better than it had been targeted. "There were people at Capcom who told me not to make this game," Judd said. While BC:R is doing well, Judd says that it won't do nearly as well as the upcoming 3D version, which has apparently gotten a recent control tweak to make the game less frustrating."

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hellsangel423743d ago

Breath of Fire 2 remake would be great. (i can hope)

user94220773743d ago

breath of fire FOR THE LOSE!

MrWeymes3743d ago

I disagree. While I don't need a Breath of Fire 2 remake, a new entry in the Breath of Fire series is welcome.

user94220773743d ago

Pretty good seing how this title can get better, it got good reviews at nearly all review sites and is an awsome game, hopefully capcom has a good boost to the game which can only make it better.

Shadow Man3743d ago

Well I hope is Dead Rising 2 in Las Vegas, or Clock Tower 4.
That would be sweet.

MrWeymes3743d ago

..was decent. I liked everything besides being timed. I found that to be a little tedious. I remember enjoying Clock Tower 3 quite a bit. Being chased is always tense.

Coheno3743d ago

Love Ben Judd! He knows what we wnat!

predator3742d ago

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 please

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