What does its ‘greatest games lineup in history’ say about Xbox?

GamesRadar's Ludwig Kietzmann: "When you take the greatest-ever Xbox lineup as a statement of broad appeal, it doesn’t fully convey the quality and value implied by Microsoft’s excellent marketing. These games are certainly well made, graphically competitive - helping diminish some of the Xbox One’s ongoing narrative of hosting weaker versions of third-party games - and they cater exclusively to what we think of as typical players and genres. At the same time, however, they feel predictable and compromised in annoying ways.

The very best one, Rise of the Tomb Raider, will be playable elsewhere (that’s kind of unfair, but we are talking about a console making a case for itself). Most of them come with some financial strings attached, can’t keep pace with the extravagant promises of Microsoft’s marketing and, as a whole, feel less like the Xbox One finding itself and more like it having a comfy lie-down in the Xbox 360’s shadow. Microsoft has come this far to go back again, Gears of War and all."

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FlipSwitch2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

"What does its ‘greatest games lineup in history’ say about Xbox?"

It says that xbox has never really had many great games. If that was all it took for it to be the best lineup in xbox history then they really didn't have much to beat in the first place. I wouldn't be bragging about it if I was them

annoyedgamer2629d ago

I agree, not because the games carry the name Halo or Forza means they are as good as the previous releases.

Rebel_Scum2629d ago

I'd say pretty lame.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is the only really good game on there. Forza is ok, but the rest is baloney. Especially Gears and Halo.

Summer of arcade had better line ups than this.

lastking952629d ago

Lol name fits you well, Halo and Ori scum? Ha, master chief and Ori chillin' with shades on like "never that"

Rebel_Scum2629d ago

Didn't read the article, only went by the tags at the bottom. I haven't played Ori yet but it looks like a game I would like.

I'm just giving my opinion man (its an opinion piece after all). You can disagree with me, but there's no reason to be rude about it.

Shy_2629d ago

Gears and halo are amazing games that excel as competitive multiplayer shooters. Story wise they can't hold a candle to something like TLOU or many other PS exclusives. But MP wise they are superior to anything on ps. SO, I'd depends on what you value more in a game.

ninsigma2629d ago

Gears was good as well I thought.

Rebel_Scum2629d ago

Ehhh, never been my cup of tea.

What I didn't like about it was the one dimensional characters, shoddy looking target cross hairs and I get how its meant to be a cover shooter but does the environment have to have similar sized cover spots everywhere.

The environment looks really artificial because of that last point.

ninsigma2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

I get what you mean. You're last point is pretty spot. It's AI is pretty shoddy as well and the characters aren't amazing but they aren't the worst. I do enjoy it though. It had some of the best tps mechanics from last gen I think. It's quite satisfying to kill things too :p The remaster did a good job of upgrading the graphics. Not a fan of its MP though.

Gazondaily2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Halo is baloney? Lol ok...

Spam agree N4G!

Rebel_Scum2629d ago

Meh, clocked Halo 3 and 4. I did like the Reach space mission a lot but I'm not a fan of the story, the characters or the floaty-ness of the player.

Its is an iconic game, but not one I ever want to revisit.

Youngindy212629d ago

Gears and Halo are baloney? Yeah okay. PS4 doesn't even possess these type of great multiplayer and Co-op games.

Rebel_Scum2629d ago

Whats PS4 got to do with anything? This discussion is on the xbox lineup on its own merit.

2629d ago
76erz242629d ago

Can someone say biased? Halo Ori and Gears are crap? The Gears of War series and Halo series are absolute classics, thats just disrespectful. Halo 5 is a better game then ANY PS4 exclusive outside of the fantastic Bloodborne. Best multiplayer of this gen so far bar none.

Rebel_Scum2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

I never said Ori was crap. Ori is a game I'd really like to play. I don't see where the bias come in.

ninsigma2629d ago

Why is giving an opinion biased?? If he doesn't like them then so what?? If you wanna go down the route of calling peoples opinions biased then here's biased for you : "Halo 5 is a better game then ANY PS4 exclusive outside of the fantastic Bloodborne".

The_BlackHeart__2628d ago

Can anyone remember the last time XBox had an exclusive above 90 on Metacritic? Because I can't. I'll deal you one better, can you remember XBox exclusive games above 95? I mean, MS can label their XBox line-up with any adjectives they desire to. At the end of the day, the word "Greatness" is reserved for Nintendo and Sony.

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KiwiViper852629d ago

damn. still talking about this?

it's over. we enjoyed a great holiday lineup and you didn't.

it's just a marketing slogan, every slogan is subjective, it's invented to encourage discussion and spread the word to the people. and that's exactly what it did. that's a huge win for microsofts marketing division.

out may not have been there best lineup in Xbox history, but it was absolutely the best line up in 2015

uptownsoul2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )


"it was absolutely the best line up in 2015" -- Isn't this also subjective?

And actually if you take out the AAA remakes/remasters/ports & AAA games confirmed to go to the other console as the article states, Xbox One is left with 2 New AAA exclusives for the entirety of 2015 (Halo 5 & Forza 6)...And while these games are great in their own right, I highly doubt they combine to be "The greatest lineup in Xbox history"

Footnote: Now if I'm forgetting a 2015 AAA Xbox exclusive that hasn't been confirmed for the PS4 and is not a remake/port from a previous generation, please correct me

lastking952629d ago

It was the best lineup in 2015 how can anyone argue that? Had something for just about everyone and all the big name games were hits.

uptownsoul2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )


"the best lineup in 2015" is an opinion. An opinion, by its very definition, is subjective. And thus anyone can argue for or against that opinion.

I disagree that the 2 New AAA exclusives that Xbox released in 2015 was the best lineup in 2015

lastking952629d ago

Fair I suppose everyone has an opinion. I was generally speaking about the years offering as a whole, even if you reach and dismiss games I think those 2 trump 1 good, 1 ok and 1 horrible as a lineup.

2629d ago
KiwiViper852629d ago

Why aren't we including remakes remasters and timed exclusives? They were part of Xbox's 2015 lineup so they are included, period.

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user99502792629d ago

"it's just a marketing slogan"

exactly. People taking this literally are bottom feeders. I personally only bought two of the games out of the "best lineup in history".

But then, leave it to gamers to argue over marketing speak.

YinYangGaming2629d ago

Lol it's marketing talk meant to appeal to mass audience stop taking it so seriously like you're personally offended or something, Sony do the exact same thing with 'greatness awaits' or 'best place to play' so take it easy guys unless you have zero idea how businesses marketing operates

Why o why2629d ago

Definitely marketing speak

I think they've had better though

rainslacker2629d ago

While I agree overall, it's not like people weren't taking the marketing term in question, and regurgitating it as absolute fact...regardless of it's subjective nature.

ninsigma2629d ago

Are we considering just Christmas as the lineup or the whole year?? Considering I'm not ms ima say the whole year. Best games they had last year were ori and the blind forrest, gears remaster and rise of the tomb raider. I had so much fun with those games last year. Forza 6 was another forza, a series I don't go for (I buy very few racers and forza 5 and drive club are enough for me) and halo 5 had arguably the worst campaign in the series (campaign is why I buy halo, not taking away from it's great MP, just campaign has always been my priority). For me when I lay it all out like that I can see its not their greatest lineup ever and can see the pr machine in full throttle. And that's not a bad thing, it's what pr is for. They're doing their job and doing it quite well. What we as educated consumers need to do is realise that it's all just pr and not be offended by it whenever they say it or treat it as Gospel. Greatest lineup is a very subjective thing anyway and maybe MS believe it is the best, though I think most would disagree as I believe there was a better lineup during the 360 years. MS are just trying to gain sales as would any company. It's the same as Sonys "best place to play" campaign. Notice how both use the word best?? Regardless of whether it was really xboxs best lineup or not, I'm certain many gamers on xbox had a good end of year, which at the end of the day is what it's all about. Fighting over a marketing slogan is fruitless.

ScaReCrow902629d ago

It's a good thing these gamers complaining about pr aren't in the same business. Under their management products just wouldn't sell.

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