Is Destiny Heading to Mercury Next?

SegmentNext - Looks like Destiny is heading to Mercury next.

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corroios1013d ago

It should go to mercury, Pluton and Uranus

G20WLY1013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

"Probing Uranus"

gnothe11013d ago

we been on mercury...we got crucible maps there already..they just cut that content out....

PANDAB1013d ago

They should go to Hell

1013d ago
thejigisup1013d ago

I know the reason they are giving us for not having match making, however it's still quite silly. It's one of the reasons I don't play as often.

GuruStarr781010d ago

Bungies been on vacation since the holidays and they haven't returned yet. Just look at all the disconnects and glitches there have been as of late (more than usual, which is really saying something) I'm really upset that my favorite game is really going to shit... hell, why can't they just update the old raids and the prison of elders with current rewards (310 - 320)?