GameSpot: Bionic Commando Rearmed 360 Review

It's unfortunate that developer GRIN didn't put the same amount of effort into updating the gameplay as they did the graphics. The control limitations really hamper the overall enjoyment of this otherwise well-preserved classic. Despite some questionable design decisions, the overwhelming amount of content should satisfy action fans hungry for a punishing, old-school romp. Anyone eager to set aside 20 years of design evolution will find a game that still retains the same clever levels and novel swinging mechanics that made the original's charm endure through four console generations.

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Morgan Douglas Jones5822d ago (Edited 5822d ago )

Looks like the PS3 version is superior. http://www.gamespot.com/ps3...

360 version = Good
PS3 version = Great

Cajun Chicken5822d ago

Cool feature of Remote Play and maybe the extra level.

KidMakeshift5822d ago

The d-pad and joystick or responsive to horizontal grapples than the 360.

The game's okay. I have it for the 360 and the grappling hook is a pain in the ass sometimes. The games only difficult because of the characters limitations (he can't jump, can't shoot upwards or downwards).

Kyur4ThePain5822d ago

Agreed. I find the controls need some tuning. Pity...I like it otherwise.

zo6_lover275822d ago

"You can blast your arm out horizontally, diagonally, or vertically, but the sloppy controls mean it won't always go in the direction you aim. This problem isn't nearly as prevalent on the PS3; it still feels sluggish, but you'll no longer find your grappling hook errantly flying around the playfield"

Thats probably why

InMyOpinion5822d ago

Same reviewer on both versions as well.

It looks great and it's probably blast if you're into retro gaming. I thought I was going to enjoy it but I got bored very quickly.

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GiantEnemyCrab5822d ago (Edited 5822d ago )

Here's a cookie

Kyur4ThePain5822d ago (Edited 5822d ago )

You didn't seem to care last year when PS3 reviews would be the same word for word as the 360 reviews yet get lower scores.

Ugh, you've gone and changed your comment, now it looks like I'm nuts for posting that.

slave2Dcontroller5822d ago

is one of the best games to hit PSN/Arcade. I have a PS3 so obviously I have the PSN version and it feels pretty solid. My cousin who has the 360 version was just over yesterday and told me he already beat it the first night it came out so it cant be to bad.

IzKyD13315822d ago

hmmmmm i havent played the 360 version, but i played the demo on PS3 and the biggest annoyances i had was not being able to jump....and the grappling controls could have been better

Zerodin5822d ago

It's Gamespot, expect the exact same review with "360" replaced with "PS3".

morganfell5822d ago (Edited 5822d ago )

The biggest problem with the 360 version is the same problem the PS3 version has. It was made by GRIN. These guys are some of the most useless developers ever. They royally and completely screwed the PC versions of GRAW 1 and GRAW 2.

The entire GRAW idea is an abortion compared to OGR as it is but GRIN were given some liberties and they availed themselves of none.

Ubisoft should be hung up and shot. After they screwed the first GRAW up so royally Ubisoft turned around and said, "You can make a bigger mess than that, surely. Here is GRAW 2. Now go make that one an ass game too."

It's GRIN folks, and therein lies the problem. In this case it isn't the 360, it isn't the PS3, it's GRIN.

Silellak5822d ago

"It's GRIN folks, and therein lies the problem. In this case it isn't the 360, it isn't the PS3, it's GRIN."

But...but...I thought everything at N4G could be boiled down to PS3 vs. 360!!

Silellak5822d ago

Heh, Morgan, I'm not sure Darkiewonder realizes you're a PS3 fan...

morganfell5822d ago


Ha ha I was wondering about that. Darkie, though I own a 360, and people here have seen it, I am a PS3 supporter. In this case, the fact that the game sucks or at least has issues is purely in the laps of the developers. If I thought it was the console then trust me, I would have been on the 360 in a hot minute. But it isn't the console, it is the game.

MvmntInGrn5822d ago (Edited 5822d ago )

The D-pad on the 360 is rubbish. If it works fine on PS3 then it should also on 360, I doubt the analogs are different under the surface but the 360 D-pad has its own A.I.

EDIT: I should also note that the issue is bad on the PS3 too when using the analog. The game has a poor deadzone setup on the sticks. An update would easily fix this. PS3 owners just need to use the D-pad.

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