Xbox One Exclusive Gears of War 4 Map Creation Process Explained; Devs Learned a Lot from Judgement

During a Q&A Session held at the Season 1 finals of the Gears of War ESL league Gears of War 4 Lead Multiplayer Designer Ryan Cleven talked about the process behind the creation of the multiplayer maps for the game and showcased a couple of new slides to illustrate how things work.

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sammarshall1021784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Gears of War 4 will own the multiplayer scene later this year

And Gears campaigns are always great I'm glad to see they are learning from the previous games

christocolus1784d ago

Can't wait to play Gears 4. Gears 1 and 3 are still my favorites Gow games and I think Rod Fergurson will make Gears 4 so much better. Waiting for some new info on the beta though.

TimelessDbz1784d ago

Titan fall 2 just saying .

jessionpc1783d ago

I won't lie I really enjoyed it's cover mechanics back in the day. I haven't played since Gears 1 though, I feel kind of lost.

I wonder if Gears of War 4 will be accessible for a newer audience?

ThePope1783d ago

Im playing the GoW Ultimate Edition. Its crazy I haven't played the first gears since 2006 and it stands up against any new AAA game launched today. Its production values are just that high.

jessionpc1783d ago


I've noticed that, having bought a few remasters, "of games I've never played before I must add", that they really hold up even now. I guess art never truly ages.

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Paytaa1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Gears UE multiplayer is still so good. Best Gears multiplayer in my opinion but if you're not that good you'll quickly be thinned out.

Hopefully Gears 4 combines all the best from 1-3 with it's own unique features...just remember, don't add anything from Judgement. I pretend that game doesn't exist.

Gears was the first game to really pull me away from Halo as a competitive shooter. I have some of the fondest memories playing Gears 1-3. Sadly the community is on the verge of death but hopefully Gears 4 can bring everyone back.

kraenk121784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

The problem in a way is both Halo and Gears have lost their original developers and their successors seem to struggle to get the magic back. Let's hope they really learned from the mistakes made with judgement.

Kribwalker1784d ago

Please, tell me about the coalitions failures with gears games you are speaking of. The only one you could have played from them is gears ultimate which was made as an identical remaster of the original.

kraenk121784d ago

@ Kribwalker

I am just saying it was Epic who made the Gears games great. We'll see if the brand can get back to old heights.

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RiseofScorpio1784d ago

One of the lead designers of the original trilogy is head of the Coalition but of course a Sony orientated gamer like yourself wouldn't know that.

Automatic791783d ago

@Kraenk please tell me how 343 has failed in the Halo 5 MP department?, Warzone is the best MP out this year. How has Coalition failed Gears UE is fire.

kraenk121783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )


Wasn't talking about MP so I couldn't tell you anything. I don't care about MP, usually only play campaigns. We didn't see anything from Gears 4 MP yet, did we?!

green1783d ago

Halo 5 Multiplayer is the best mutiplayer experience ever to grace a Halo game. Go and play Warzone or Warzone Assault on Halo 5 and come back and tell us that 343 do not know what they are doing.

jessionpc1783d ago

You're right, but their IP's not family members. All they need is someone passionate to bring them into the future. IP stagnation is a big problem these days, look at call of duty? God... But that's also a mindless, wondering cover shooter.

I'd think Gears/Halo is a lot more than that, don't you?

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saywat2471784d ago

when u say the multiplayer is on the verge of death are u talking aboug gears UE multiplayer?? i dont have the game yet but that would be a shame since i love gears.

Paytaa1784d ago

It's really just the Gears community in general. I mean you can still find games with no problem it's just the skill gap is very scary to new players so newcomers tend to not come back.

Plus since UE still shares mechanics and overall feel of the original Gears 1, only Gears vets like myself or the minority of people who want to dedicate themselves to get better will continue to play.

And since it's not technically a major release and just a remake/remaster it doesn't have a pull for a newer community to feel comfortable in.

But you said you love Gears so you'll probably be able to enjoy it and do well. It's just a sad reality how much Gears of War's community fell off when it used to have a following almost as big as Halo at one point.

Anyone remember Gearsopedia?

Raiden1783d ago


It's best to ignore some people in life, you can shout to the end of the world people will not here you, 343i and Bungee are the same people, just the name change and everyone believe they are some new developer, to clarify MS released Bungie from there stables, but that was only 20 or so programmers and developers, within the 200 strong development team was 343, MS does not hold any ownership over the name Bungie, they bought them yes but never took there name, critics jump on the fact that the name 343i is new when its wrong, as majority of development team is still there, so go compare the credits at the end of Halo3 and match them up to all the others that have followed, 343i has been trying to continuously evolve the gaming experiences within the game, trying new thinks that is not always to the liking of others, but it beats repetitive same crape, in every Halo game we see something new whether it armour, abilities or weapons, people are never happy so leave them in there ignorance.

I look forward to the next gear game.


Shy_1783d ago

Gears UE is great in terms of gameplay and core mechanics, but it needs the better stat tracking and competitive rankings.. Then it would be awesome

GHOSTxx4201783d ago

Well lets not forget about the problem with hit detection and stuff like that in the ultimate edition, here's to open they fix it. I cant stand the wall bouncing in the remaster..

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crazychris41241784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

I hope they did because that was a terrible game. Got it for free with gold. So bad they would have to pay me to play it again.

Lets hope we get back to GOW 2 multiplayer with the insane amount of content in 3.

Lennoxb631784d ago

GOW 2's multiplayer was too slow though. They should build on the gameplay of 3.

crazychris41241784d ago

3 was great too. Prefer 2 just because it didn't have the sawed off shotgun bs.

Lennoxb631784d ago

The sawn off shotgun is nothing like it was at launch. You have to be a lot closer to get kills now.

OpieWinston1784d ago

They just need to build on GoW3. The Retro was the only real counter to the Gnasher at closer range. I mean it was the best to just drain wall bouncers by keeping range.

Paytaa1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Gears 2 technically had the worst multiplayer when compared to 1 and 3. The game at launch was so broken. Smoke grenades would send a person flying, the trueskill ranking just didn't work, the hit detection was god awful, etc. I got used to it after a while and still loved Gears 2 but once Gears 3 came out it pretty much buried 2.

Only issue with Gears 3 was the new focus on TDM and throwing Execution on the backburner....that and the over excessive wall-bouncing that while fun to do and do well would be annoying to people trying to actually play the game. That's why UE is the best for me, basically combines Gears 1 and 3 and it feels great especially at 60fps.

WellyUK1783d ago

They should build it off 1 which is easily the best Gears... Had the best MP of last gen as well.

WellyUK1783d ago

lol Disagree's... by people who clearly didn't play Gears 1 when it was popular. Better than gears 2 and 3 combined.

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ShadowKnight1784d ago

Looking forward to see some new game footage or trailer.

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