Devil May Cry games and more discounted

Several Devil May Cry products have been discounted, including DMC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition dropping to as low as $19.00, Devil May Cry HD Collection to $14.40, Devil May Cry 4 to $11.40 and Devil May Cry: The Complete Animated Series S.A.V.E. Blu-ray to $20.32.

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1010d ago
Skate-AK1010d ago

Had no clue there was an animated series.

rezzah1010d ago (Edited 1010d ago )

There is a manga (vol 1 and 2, 3 was canceled) and 2 novels too.

You can check out the animated series on any anime site online, subbed or dubbed.


And 3 comics too.

Though if there is anything extra on DmC I'm not sure, I'm only referring to the original DMC.

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