5 Reasons Why Resident Evil 5 Will Come to Wii writes, "It's no secret that RE5 was going to be released. Heck, people probably knew this when RE3 was released all those years ago. Capcom has kept quiet about the whole project, including whether or not it will be made for Wii. Now I'm not confirming it, but I know that it will be confirmed sooner or later. And I have 5 reasons that can back it up, too."

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Silogon3743d ago

They missed the most important reason...

The gameplay is last gen, just like the wii's hardware. A perfect match.

Zerodin3743d ago

The Wii is kicking your Sony [email protected] fvcked ass back to Sony land and back.

Silogon3743d ago

Sonyland, huh? ahhahahahahah Sure that's not xboxland or PC land maybe? Please, you're too stupid to have a good arguement with. now go play with your "wii" Punk stain.

ChickeyCantor3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Siligon im asking this serious, cause im highly interested in your answer.
Why the hell are you so bitter and negative to almost EVERY article/subject?

edit: What idiot disagreed with a "question" rather than a Statement?
If he is not Bitter and negative, well let him explain it then.

iamtehpwn3743d ago

That Silogon has more ignores than ANYONE else on N4G.
Even his mom has him on her ignore list.

Silogon3743d ago

The ignores is something I sat out to do and I have succeeded beyond the 50 I wanted. I am easily the most hated member ever on N4g and maybe even the video game community as a whole.

The one thing, however, is you all still listen to me. You might say that you don't but you know my opinions are truthful, they're blunt, they're honest and they're without bias. I'll attack Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo within the same breath and that is something no one here ever does.

I am a stand out poster. I am a legend and a soon to be icon that is far more known than anyone ever on N4g!

Ever I say! EVER!!!!!!! muahhahahahahahhahahahaahhahah ahhahahahahaha

Anyways, to answer your question. I'm not bitter, just truthful. Oh, I already got to that part.

TheDeadMetalhead3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

You're not a legend.

You're not an icon.

You're just a whackjob.

See, THAT'S how you be blunt.

Maxned3742d ago

Silogon, get out of your mother's basement and get a job. Stop being a giant douchebag and saying "muhahahaha" every time you think you accomplished something. The only thing youve accomplished is abstinence.

ChickeyCantor3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Seriously(again) i whished i never asked....
I can't compute that simply because you are out of your mind...


Now it's obvious.
Well it was obvious...
You are 100% a troll with a second account here on N4g... it must be.

Durffen3742d ago

The only truth I have ever seen in Silogons comments are "I am easily the most hated member ever on N4g and maybe even the video game community as a whole."

The rest is biased crap.

All I can say is, congratulation Silogon, you got what you were going for. Oh, and to the rest of the N4G community, you're only helping him and making him happier the more you attack him for him being a douche.

Snipes203742d ago

Yes, it is "last gen" gameplay. The winning formula was in a game on last gen systems. However, the gameplay is very well done, maybe even excellent if glowing reviews are anything to go by. I know you didn't say gameplay introduced in the last gen = bad/non-reusable, but you sure made it sound like it. Also, you said this is a perfect match. It is; playing RE4:Wii Edition is much improved over the older versions. You might even be bold enough to say it is implemented perfectly, allowing the user to focus on the situation instead of worrying about pushing a joystick. Also, even though the Wii has a slower processor, I think it will be able to handle the graphics well enough to deliver a great horror atmosphere. Even if you don't think it can, there are enough people that do to motivate Capcom to bring this to the Wii.

AngryXbot3742d ago

1) hardware
2) hardware
3) hardware
4) hardware
5) did I mentioned hardware?

Has anyone looked at RE5 and the physics, visuals, animations etc.

The wii cant even run 2% of that! THINK.

ChickeyCantor3742d ago

Comments like yours are a joke.
If they "port" it to the Wii they will make it work on the Wii.
No one ever said you will get the exact same content.
It's a topic so stupid that you should not even mention it.

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TheDeadMetalhead3743d ago

It will come. And It WILL rule!

TruthbeTold3742d ago

...but anyway, nice article.

TheDeadMetalhead3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Every now and then I hit the target. :)

madjedi3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Reason 1

So one of your reasons is resident evil uc selling 1.3 million, and re4 sold 2 million. Okay if these are accurate figures with an install base of 30 mil + or - 1-2 million thats pathetic. That is one the top 5 selling wii games probably behind wii fit and wii play, at least galaxy and brawl, kart are real games.

reason 2 wow

"Capcom has been putting Resident Evil games on Nintendo systems for a very long time. The first one was Resident Evil 2 on the N64 in 1999.

Also, it's worth mentioning that last-gen Capcom put more Resident Evils on Gamecube than PS2 or Xbox. there were 5 Resident Evil titles released on the Gamecube during it's 6-year lifespan (0, 1, 2, 3, and 4). And, as mentioned above, Resident Evil has already established a bigger rep on Wii than on PS3 or 360. There hasn't been a Resident Evil game on PS3 or 360 yet."

Wow well guess what they were out on the playstation even before that Psx had 4, first psx resident evil is in 96, resident evil ps2 had 6, not counting repeats.

Gc had 6, 3 of which were last gen remakes/ports, so this is capcom showing favoritism to the wii. By giving them last gen port and rail shooter re, whereas the hardcore consoles get a full blown resident evil lol.

The only rep re has on the wii is re4, and thats a modified gamecube game at the best like zelda tp.

Reason 3
The wii is selling so much, and yet why aren't third party games sales roasting the hell out of first party game sales, like on the other 2 consoles.

Don't blame it all on third party devs, wii users buy mini/party games, yet treat alot of regular games as if they have the bubonic plague.

Reason 4
I won't argue with you on this one, because i have heard nothing but praise regarding the control scheme on the wii for re4.

Reason 5
Not really ask most gamers and they will still see the wii as a kids/casual console, sorry the wii as more mature system about as much as the 360 is a casual console.

Just because the game is getting more third party mature games doesn't suddenly make it a more mature console, take a look at the majority wii games, look closer this time.

You might pick up a few wii owners here and there with those titles, but not many, these title are the exception rather than the rule nothing more.

Capcom hasn't released a re game for the ps3 or 360 yet, thank you for that brilliant deduction watson, i never would have been able to figure that out without you help.

Resident evil 5, i believe will not be able to be downgraded enough to run on the wii, re5 puts plenty of current next gen games to shame visually, from some on the gameplay trailers i have seen.

So a re5 wii version good luck, will the wii get another re game, yeah thats a given, will it be re5 not very likely. A new game all together or a side game based on the story of re5 more than likely.

Anytime someone states i know i'm right,i take and add a 100 more grains of salt to anything they tell me. Because more than likely than not, their ego is stating this and they haven't thought it all the way through.

Rute3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

madjedi wrote: "So one of your reasons is resident evil uc selling 1.3 million, and re4 sold 2 million. Okay if these are accurate figures with an install base of 30 mil + or - 1-2 million thats pathetic."

A game company doesn't care how much a game sells relative to consoles purchased. It cares only about the absolute numbers. A game selling 2 million copies on a console with install base of 30 million is financially better for the company than a game selling a million copies with an install base of 10 million, especially if the development costs are low for the former title.

By your logic Resident Evil 4 on PS2 selling 2.68 million copies with an install base of 100 million was a disaster.

madjedi wrote: "Not really ask most gamers and they will still see the wii as a kids/casual console, sorry the wii as more mature system about as much as the 360 is a casual console."

Casual and family friendly do not equal kiddy. The average age of Wii players is higher than that of PS3 and Xbox 360, IIRC. Most gamers with a job, children and hobbies don't have the time to play online shooters 20 hours a week. They tend to play something funny and relaxing like Wii Sports in small doses.

Casual gamers mostly avoid titles like Resident Evil, but that's not financially relevant. What's relevant is that Resident Evil games DO have a supporting audience amongst Wii gamers. It's a niche, but a significant niche.

madjedi wrote: "The wii is selling so much, and yet why aren't third party games sales roasting the hell out of first party game sales, like on the other 2 consoles."

Because most 3rd party Wii games suck. Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros Brawl are by far the best exclusive titles on Wii, both quality-wise and sales-wise. Resident Evil 4 is the best 3rd party game, but as you said, it's also a last gen port, and so it's quite clear why it has sold "only" 2 million copies.

SCThor3742d ago

The hardware can't handle it at present state of the game. Just watch the PS3/X360 trailers.

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MaalDeJah3743d ago

I can't view the page. :@

ChickeyCantor3743d ago

Also 1 reason why it may not come to the Wii.
Dead rising making use of RE:4 Gameplay will only make this a 5th wheel.
While RE is popular on the Wii...i can see it coming to the Wii...but with Dead rising and all..

iamtehpwn3743d ago

Was the BEST damn version of that game, hands down.
That game was living testament of the dream of the Wiimote.
It's too bad no other game has matched it.

FantasyStar3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

I'm playing it right now, on Chapter 3 in Castle. Feels very "meh". Maybe if Capcom actually went to the effort to tweak the graphics better I would've rated it higher than "meh". But "meh" is "meh". The Wii should be renamed Nintendo Jaggy.

ChickeyCantor3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

So its meh..because of the GFX?.
IT seemed like you were talking gameplay...but its obviously the GFX.

And thats a good thing, but i was actually more talking about CAPCOM...I bet if you asked them about a new RE on the Wii...they would think...but "dead rising......."

iamtehpwn3742d ago

Dead Rising does seem like a lot like RE4 now that it's on Wii.

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Monteblanco3743d ago

It is just a question of money. They will not need to spent much resources to fit RE5 in RE4 engine and thus making a lot of money. Specially because the series is a proven seller in the Wii and not tested in the PS3 and Xbox 360.

ChickeyCantor3743d ago

RE will sell no matter what system...simply because it's been proven before to be a solid franchise.

It will sell on the PS3 and 360.

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