Is Nathan Drake being killed off in Uncharted 4?

Naughty Dog gives its strongest hint yet that Nathan Drake will meet his maker in Uncharted 4.

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Relientk771757d ago

Seriously doubt it, so no.

Nathan's brother, or Sully though, that would not surprise me.

Kalebninja1756d ago

Sully "died" twice so I doubt they'll actually have him die now after pulling that twice.

MasterCornholio1756d ago

I didn't remember them bringing Sully back from the grave.

Bansai1756d ago

Killing off Nate would be too grim for a game like Uncharted.

emad-E-three1753d ago

I personally think Sully will die, since the first reveal trailer at E3 when Nate "remembered" his conversation with Sully about doing one last time, I got the feeling he just got killed in a fight and Drake somehow from that fight ended up in the sea/river and now he's off to revenge him! We could also see Nate's kid kidnapped...who knows.

whothedog1756d ago

Killing off Drake, maybe making side stories with the other characters that include Drake.

jessionpc1756d ago

Maybe they could do the world a favor and accident the wife away and bring Chloe back?

NAAAA I kid! :)

... No i'm dead F****n serious.

OB1Biker1756d ago

No way. Besides why couldnt there be Chloe and Elena with two happy brothers?

jessionpc1756d ago


We'll see how real of a bro, big bro actually is.

I'm okay with real bros getting the girl too. Poor guy did spend a lot of his life in jail after all.

I'm still hoping for the divorce, the Hinata like fandom of his wife gets really old sometimes, and through the 3 games, she really rubbed me the wrong way. Not to mention I REALLY don't like how she just, "magically", showed up out of nowhere in U2. Just left a bad taste in my mouth. Made me feel like Chloe was a cheap out designed for horny adolescents when she obviously has potential history just like Drake, that's FAR more interesting than his dried up western idealistic, run of the mill strong willed wife.

Chloe waifu best waifu. She may not cook, clean... marry... Maybe she'll cheat... Maybe uh... she'll treat you like an object... *sniff*, USE YOU...


*rolls into bed crying*

jessionpc1755d ago


HRRRRRRRRRR- ohh well. You're probably right.

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skratchy1756d ago

Exactly what the title lead me to believe too. I guess I wouldn't be surprised if this is the last game STARRING Nathan Drake as well.

kraenk121755d ago

A thief's end is referring to the pirate they are chasing in the game though.

jerethdagryphon1756d ago

Uncharted. One chapter 3 uncharted 3 twords the end right before drake goes nuts

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DragonDDark1756d ago

I hope not. But something tells me that if it's done right, why not?

SaveFerris1756d ago

Wasn't an article about this posted here a couple of weeks ago?

BlakHavoc1756d ago

Seeing as it's the final entry in the series, I don't care. As long as it's a masterpiece like the last 3 games ND has done, I'll be content.

MasterCornholio1756d ago

Either Sully or Sam will get whacked.

I'm guessing Drake will just retire and live the rest of his life happily with Elena.

skratchy1756d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. His brother appears out of nowhere? Makes it way easier to kill him off too.

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