GWN Review: Madden NFL 2009

GWN reports:

''It's another year and of course that means another Madden NFL football game. People wonder why these games sell ridiculously well despite being pretty much the same thing year in and year and out, well kids, it's the atmosphere. Preseason has gotten underway and the latest dramas in the league are either beginning to unfold or just now wrapping up. Of course, the latest primetime drama to unfold is that of one legendary quarterback, the gunslinger – Brett Favre. The quarterback who we all thought was retired has made the cover of this year's Madden in honor of his career achievements… except he's not done yet. Seems the "Madden Curse" has pulled Favre out of retirement and stuck him on the New York Jets. After so long seeing him in the green and gold, it just doesn't look right seeing him in the gang green and white.

But alas, EA Sports has yet to put in a drama mechanic into the series, but they have added just enough to make purchasing this year's iteration worth it. For starters, gone is the annoying radio announcer and in his place are the welcomed additions of Chris Collinsworth and Tom Hammond. Both announcers have a natural feel to their voices but are unfortunately plagued by not enough lines.''

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