Hellboy - Remarkably lacking in all qualities you'd associate with del Toro

"It's possible that die-hard fans may get more out of the game than anyone else. In a similar fashion to last month's Jason Bourne game, for some perhaps the prospect of playing (we use the word in the loosest sense) as Hellboy will be enough. Role-play and wish fulfilment have after all always been a central tenant of videogaming's appeal.

"These acolytes may say – and they would be accurate – that Science of Evil never makes any attempt at being anything other than an all-out third-person brawler of the most regressive kind. It's robust enough as a piece of software to avoid feeling truly broken, but Hellboy never reaches any discernible heights of excitement or challenge to inspire anything but utter boredom in the average gamer.

"For such an exciting prospect Hellboy: The Science of Evil is remarkably lacking in grace, charm and flair: all qualities you'd associate with anything del Toro puts his name to. For a filmmaker so enthusiastic about videogaming that he can compare Silent Hill to the work of Lynch and Polanski, one can only hope that Guillermo gets the space and time to one day create something as distinctive."

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